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Thursday Night Sonic Meet: RIVERSIDE (05/28)

A clip of some of the cars and ppl that made it out to one of Gwinnett's weekly meets, Thursday Night Sonic/Riverside Meet.


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Moreland Ave. Week 21 (05/23)
Moreland Ave. the 21st week of 2009 (May 23). This video is long over due but its finally up. I recently had computer problem and wasn't able to even check my e-mails. Well... I'm back!!!!!!

Thursday Night Sonic Meet: RIVERSIDE (07/23)
Meet @ Sonic

Green Goblin vs. Sweet Cheeks part 02 Race
This is the actual race, so if you don't like the story behind the race just watch this... Well... what was agreed, was agreed. Both Cheeks and Green Goblin checked each others cars for spray. they didn't look under each others hoods though. the run was suppose to be in a three lane HWY but there were police issues so we just kept going till the coast was clear. (this is why I couldn't get the first run. I wasn't ready, I thought they were going to go farther up the HWY.) Best two out of three: the first, Cheeks gottem'. the second, Cheeks gottem' worse. I thought they were gonna do a third but they just pulled of to the side. Now... what happened? Green Goblin said his Alt. Belt broke. He also missed 3rd on both runs. Sweet Cheeks said it ain't his fault he missed 3rd. Conclusion... Cheeks won period

Moreland Ave. Week 13
ATLANTA RACE SCENE: Moreland Ave. Week 13. no names or titles on this one. jus figure out who's who. enjoy

Miami's EGK
A brief Picture Slide show of my Civic. Its a 94 Hatch with a 99-00 front end. I don't have too many interior picture though, but then again their is not too much that CAN be shown. I have a roll cage and no rear seats or rear interior panels. Photography: Emma Marsh Photography Video Editing: Pawell294

Sunday Nites... In this episode of "Sunday Nites" their is a part 02 to the SRT 4 vs EGK B18b (hatch Boost) that went down last week and then the SRT goes against a turbo Volkwagon, Porsche, then a Corvette. SONG: Rza - Bang Bang Instrumental http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85V7s7cTPtQ&feature=related

Northside Thursday Night Sonic Meet: RIVERSIDE (05/14)
A short Clip of the Thursday Night Riverside Meet at the sonic in Gwinnett.

The VARSITY car meet (11/05) part 02
A monthly car meet in Atlanta, GA at The Varsity were car enthusiasts get together to discuss cars, girls, and anything else that comes to mind.

ATLANTA Race scene: Moreland Ave. Week 01
FINALLY!!! I've been tryin to post this video since Tuesday! So yea, this is the first Sunday of 2009. It was alrite. I got more footage that nite that I didn't put on here b/c it would of been stoopid long. like 25 min. or so. Anywayz... enjoy. wait for next weeks. happy ricing.

Sunday Nite - Hatch Boost vs Hacth Built NA
Sunday nites... Boost Hatch vs NA built Hatch then, NA built Hatch vs 4 Door NA and some other stuff. no names no titles!

ATLANTA Race scene: Moreland Ave. Week 05
Its kinda choppy at the beginning, I'm trying to go with the beat of the song. I'm sharpening my skills so I can make music videos!!! I was messing around with this thing called "2D editor advance" when I made this one... pretty cool stuff. ATLANTA Race scene: Moreland Avenue. this is the fifth week of 2009. Showed up to Moreland and IT WAS PACKED! well.. kinda. before I could get any runs down, some ppl started to leave. you know how that goes... one group leaves, the rest follows. On the way, their was some HWY play, Victor and Sander Boi then Victor and Ivan. when we got to were we were going it was on. their were some good runs but its just so FACKING dark over there. Ooh well, enjoy.

ATLANTA Race scene: Moreland Ave. Week 07
a quick look into week seven. this was literally all I filmed that day... Week 10 coming soon.

Northside Thursday Nite Meet
A local car meet held every Thursday were car enthusiasts get together to talk, share ideas, race, and then talk some more.

Sonic Meet - High Point RD - 2-2-12
People leaving the weekly Thursday meet at Sonic on High Point Road in Greensboro, North Carolina

TYPE R - Victor & David @ Import Expert
Victor "The Champ" with his USDM Type R & David "Sweet Cheeks" with his Integra GSR with a JDM Type R head up to IMPORT EXPERT in Winder, GA to get their cars tuned. To see these two Type R in action (before the tune) Click the link below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_-je-IRADs

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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