Thursday Night Sonic Meet: RIVERSIDE (05/28)

A clip of some of the cars and ppl that made it out to one of Gwinnett's weekly meets, Thursday Night Sonic/Riverside Meet.

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COPS,DRIFTING,PULLS,VTEC KICKS,FLY BY'S | Riverside car meet 9.6.13
riverside meet 9.6.2013. guys doing there thing as they leave.

A monthly car meet in Atlanta, GA. The first Thursday of every month car enthusiasts get together at The Varsity to talk about cars and just hang out. The April meet was juuuust right... not to cold like the march meet, but just warm enough to walk around with out a light sweater or hoodie. It was a good turn out this month. there were three guys that went at it to see who had the best moves, a full out Drag Race Car or "funny car" as they call them, i freaknik was anouncing their upcoming party, and Gastoker was out there reminding everybody about IMPORT SHOWDOWN on May 01,2011@ Silver Dollar Raceway.

ATLanta Varsity Import Atlanta car meet

Midnight ATL - Dyno Day (part 02)
A Dyno day @ Midnight Atl.