Crash Compilation 2012 #4

More crashes from people who shouldn't be driving in the first place! *Drive Safe*

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Crash Compilation 2012 #5
I can't believe it's already #5 of 2012. Everyone take care! =:P

Crash Compilation 2012 #3
Everyone drive safe on the icy, snowy roads! I can't believe it's already #3 of the 2012 series, Thanks to all my subscribers! With-out you guys I wouldn't keep making these :)

Crash Compilation 2012 #6
Take care of yourselves and each other. A special thanks to all my subscribers, without you guys these would not be made =:P .

Crash Compilation 2012 #7
No long explanation needed, another round of various accidents - incidents, and mishaps. Everyone take care and drive safe! =:P Song, Artist: Mudvayne / Title: Dig