Ether inflation

Here we use ether to "blow up" a tire that doesn't contact the rim very well. No animals where harmed but Jeff did loose hair on the first couple of tires.

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How to mount a tractor tire using Ether
Ether to mount a tire

Mounting 2000lb Tires with Fire
Hello Everyone, Whoa!!! 1 million views! Let's see if we can keep them coming. Thanks for the views and please keep them coming. Don't forget to share the video with your friends. I appreciate it and hope you enjoy the video. Dad and I changed out 3 tires on the Clark 290M Earth Mover that were slick. Usually to get the tire to seat on the rim and hold air we have to pack grease/tire soap on the rim until it pushes out and seals. We decided to try a new way that we use on some of the smaller tires around the farm. This has to be the largest Tire I have ever seen this done on and we were not sure it would work. Of course I had to have it on video! It takes lots of fluid to expand the tire properly. The Tire is a 29- 5- 29. I believe and it either weighs 2,000lbs or around 1,300lbs. The numbers are sketchy. I said 2,000 in the video because that is what the guy told us when we bought them. It is huge, that is all I know, I am 6 feet tall for a reference. Enjoy and thanks for watching! Weston "S.W.A.T. Magazine's New Tactical Marketplace" Buy - Sell - Trade Gear and Firearms for FREE 24/7 Mobile + Tablet Friendly

HUGE TIRE EXPLOSION: Ken-Tool Introduces the World's Largest Single-Piece Tire Inflation Cage
This "live action" video shows the OSHA Certification explosion testing of our latest tire inflation cage that is designed for large Earthmover and Agricultural tires. The 29.5R25 L-3 Earthmover tire with its three piece steel wheel are inflated to 150-psi and then experiences a sudden release event inside the cage. Watch the cage absorb the explosion and contain all of the tire and wheel components exactly as it was designed to perform at regular speed and in slow motion. New features of this inflation cage are "PATENT PENDING". Cage part number 36011.

Lawn tractor tire wont inflate, try this!
Recorded on May 24, 2011 using a Flip HD 720p These Turf tires were so flat from being shipped on pallet from china the tires would not set the bead no matter what was tried. The only thing that worked was what you see in this video. Even after putting 2x4 blocks in the tires and leaving them in the summer sun for 2 weeks they still returned to the deformed shape from the way they were shipped.