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Chevy 5th wheel pulling a container

This is a guy using a 5th wheel pulling a container. I saw some crazy stuff in China but this was right here on the 605 after I got back from China. Pretty good commercial for the truck though.


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The Orininal Gooseneck Easy Coupler
No more crawling into the back or over the side of your pickup to latch your gooseneck trailer. Lever actuated cam coupler that hitches your gooseneck trailer fast easy and secure.

1313 do Baruiada
1313 com uns 90mts cubicos de puro carvao!!! Hélio no comando...

Boeing Dual-Driver Truck/Trailer Combination
This video shows one of the unique dual-driver truck/trailer combination vehicles used by Boeing to transport aircraft wing spars to the Boeing assembly facility in Everett, Washington. The first driver, as with any other truck, is in the "front" cab. You can see the second driver in his cab underneath the trailer, just in front of the rear wheels.

2011 Mount Baldy Spring Hill Climb, 1st round passes
Action from the the M.S.B.A. hill climb at Silver Lake Michigan

Duramax stuck
Buddy drives into ditch and has to get his truck and trailer pulled out. Watch my other vid of the trailer getting pulled out too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mt6JAbVwv18

How to Install a 5th Wheel Hitch
How to install a 5th wheel hitch. The vehicle used in this video is a second generation Toyota Tundra. Hosted by Buzz Thompson. Installation starts at 1:07 mark. Video is best viewed in full screen 720p/1080p HD.

How to Properly Hook Up a Fifth Wheel Trailer
Bob, retired Reese® test driver, teaches the proper way to hook up, and disconnect, a fifth wheel trailer to a fifth wheel hitch. Related part numbers: 30866, 30887 Warning: -This video is intended as a reference. Please refer to the print instructions for complete installation information. -Need help or have questions? Call Cequent's Technical Support at 800-632-3290 (Monday-Friday 8am to 6pm EST)

Ultra Coupling and Uncoupling
Fontaine Fifth Wheel Ultra Coupling and Uncoupling Procedures

working the hell out of my 1-ton chevy
Working the hell out of my 1-ton to get my friends tractor home.

Fifth Wheel Backup Practice - Part 1
I did more than a 90 degree backup parking. The lot was a little off. If I was to guesstimate the angle of parking I was doing, I would say it more like a 120 + - degree backing up to a pretend slot. testing how well I can control the angles backing up.

Landoll 353 Bushauler Trailer.mpg
The Landoll 353 Bushauler trailer is yet another innovative design offered by Landoll Corporation. With over 45 years of design and manufacturing experience, you can be assured that Landoll Corporation delivers unsurpasssed quality with the 353 Bus hauler trailer. Visit http://www.landoll.com/bushauler/ for detailed specifications.

How To Grease Trucks: Greasing The Fifth Wheel with Magnalube-GX Extreme Pressure Grease
http://www.magnalube.com In this video, we demonstrate proper truck maintenance procedures by using Magnalube-GX fifth wheel grease with molybdenum disulfide (or moly) to grease the fifth wheel of a truck. Magnalube-GX is a lithium grease that performs very well as a grease for trucks because the MOLY-PTFE technology improves the ability to withstand extreme pressure and lower friction. It also has a lithium complex base which is compatible with other greases used to grease trucks. If you use Magnalube-GX grease for the fifth wheel and general truck maintenance, it will extend the life of your truck parts as well as decrease the amount of times that truck maintenance is required. Magnalube-GX is excellent fifth wheel grease.

VW Bug Fifth Wheel Trailer Found. 1 of a kind Volkswagen item
Most of us have seen the video but until now nobody has ever seen one in person. Watch as we rescue one of the most elusive of VW Bug accessories "The Fifth Wheel Trailer. To date this is the only one of its kind in existence. It is on its way to Oklahoma Bugs to undergo a full restoration. Feel free to like comment and share any knowledge you may have of these unique little trailers that have captured the curiosity of VW enthusiasts the world over. Thanks for watching. www.volkswear.com Special Thanks to www.incomputech.com for the royalty free music that we used in this video. Thanks Kevin.

Dodge and 53 foot Trailer
My 04 ctd and a 53 foot wedge trailer

5th wheel double towing
Total Combined length: 62 feet Total Combined weight: 20500 pounds Two trailers combine weight - 12800 pounds Fuel economy as shown - 7 city, 11 highway (65 mph) Fuel economy truck only - 17 city, 22 highway (65 mph) 2008 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Diesel Crew Cab 4x4: weight with full fuel, 2 adults, camping gear - 7700 pounds, max tow limit - 13500 pounds (with 5th wheel hitch), Reese R16 5th wheel hitch - 16000 pound limit (4000 pound tongue limit) GVWR - total combined truck and trailers weight limit - 22000 pounds 2009 Carriage Domani DF310 Camper (4 electric drum brakes) length - 31.9 feet hight (hitched) 13.5 feet weight - 11500 pounds (max limit) tongue weight 2400 pounds Reese 5th Airborne Pin Box (80 psi) - 16000 pound limit (3200 pound tongue limit) 2010 Yamaha Cruiser SHO on Com-Fab trailer (no brakes) length - 15 feet weight fueled on trailer - approximately 1300 pounds, trailer tongue - 125 pounds custom welded Class I hitch receiver - 2000 pound limit (200 pound tongue limit) 10 different camera views: CarCam Q2, records full HD video and audio at 1080i on continues loop - 8.8 hours in this video it was set to 720p for wider viewing angle. old "lipstick" camera connected to old Sony camcorder. Wireless RV rear view camera with 7 inch monitor. Video was produced with iMovie 9

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