Chevy 5th wheel pulling a container

This is a guy using a 5th wheel pulling a container. I saw some crazy stuff in China but this was right here on the 605 after I got back from China. Pretty good commercial for the truck though.

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Container 3 Drop
Delivery of shipping container #3.

The Orininal Gooseneck Easy Coupler
No more crawling into the back or over the side of your pickup to latch your gooseneck trailer. Lever actuated cam coupler that hitches your gooseneck trailer fast easy and secure.

Old man drives his trailer into a narrow winding "small cars only" road and gets stuck
after passing the CLEAR sign, no trailers, rvs pass this point,,,, this old man drove his trailer into the windiest road ive been on... he passed through a tunnel where he tore off his accessories and now hes stuck on the side of the road and no one can get by,,, everyone got together and using bits of knowledge, experience and tools from each of these guys,, they finally pulled it off!!!!

Silverado Pulls 18 Wheeler
"The Dirty Lynn" Chevrolet Silverado LTZ 1500