Chevy 5th wheel pulling a container

This is a guy using a 5th wheel pulling a container. I saw some crazy stuff in China but this was right here on the 605 after I got back from China. Pretty good commercial for the truck though.

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How Much Room Is Required To Take Delivery Of A 40' Shipping Container?
We're often asked by customers how much room is required for them to take delivery of a 40' storage container. We made this video to show you how a typical delivery goes. This one was easy, however they are quite often much more difficult as there is less room to navigate. Click here to see containers we have for sale that we can deliver anywhere in New England:

Homemade Container Hauler
Go to for more information From Idea to finished product. The Dyna Dolly can carry empty shipping containers behind a 3/4 ton truck, lifting them off the ground with nothing more than an electric winch.

Container 3 Drop
Delivery of shipping container #3.

Dodge and 53 foot Trailer
My 04 ctd and a 53 foot wedge trailer