Suzuki Samurai 3.5 V8 in action!

A Suzuki samurai with a Range rover V8 engine, axles, gears, suspension. I guess the good part was the suzuki body :-P

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Suzuki Samurai GTi at the edge of... grip? gravity? insanity? skill?
I Guess we all have someone in the local 4x4 group, that does not seem to understand gravity!

CAT 320D saves 4x4 and goes over 2.5m of mud wall!
During a 4x4 event in Belgium, a CAT 320d excavator helps the 4x4's that get stuck/broken down. With a crowd gathered it showed some nice 'driving' !

Suzuki Samurai 'Monster' Boggers - Patrol axles - lockers - exo cage
A Compilation of a 4x4 day in Beekse bergen, Near Tilburg. Netherlands. It is a small terrain, but it has a few nice mud holes! A Few stock suzuki's, 2 Jimny's, A few patrols, but mostly a suzuki samurai with 33' Boggers, patrol R Axles, 6.1 T-Case, 1600 16v 100hp engine, 2 Lockers, and lots more!

4x4 Brecht Belgium 2014
Offroad in Brecht, Belgium!