Drag Racing 2011 - Top Fuel Bike - Qualy #3 - NitrOlympX Hockenheim

Next were the Top Fuel Bikes. Unfortunately in a pretty decimated line-up, which was: Steve Woollatt bye Jaska Salakari vs. Kai Selkämäa Peter Svensson bye

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Drag Racing 2011 - Top Fuel Bike - Qualy #1 - NitrOlympX Hockenheim
And the first Qualifying for UEM Top Fuel Bikes. Pairings as follows: Kai Selkämäa bye Steve Woollatt vs.Nate Gagnon Jaska Salakari vs. Peter Svensson Petri Paljakka vs. Ian King Hope you enjoy the video. Join me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/RMAs-Amateur-Footage/189618134401951

Santa Pod Easter 2011 Top Fuel Bike

Drag Racing 2011 - Top Fuel Bike - Quarter finals - NitrOlympX Hockenheim
First round of eliminations for the Top Fuel Bikes. Don't miss Jaska Salakari setting a new distance record of shooting engine parts. The pairings: Peter Svensson bye Kai Selkämäa bye Petri Paljakka vs Jaska Salakari Steve Woollatt vs. Ian King

Peter Svensson runs the quickest Top Fuel Bike ET in the history of drag racing.
This is The Definitive and Conclusive High Definition Video of Peter Svenssons fantastic run of 5.709 seconds at Tierp Arena, Sweden, in Q2 on the afternoon of August 24, 2012. Obviously it's a tremendeous effort by all the members of Team STARTA Racing but also a huge thanks to producer SmartTV headed up by Robert Karström, Jonas Alholt for the mobile camera shots and Anders "Bostic" Envall for the most excellent editing.