Drag Racing 2011 - Top Fuel Bike - Qualy #3 - NitrOlympX Hockenheim

Next were the Top Fuel Bikes. Unfortunately in a pretty decimated line-up, which was: Steve Woollatt bye Jaska Salakari vs. Kai Selkämäa Peter Svensson bye

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Top Fuel Nitro Motorcycle Import vs Harley - Larry "Spiderman" Mcbride 5.83et @ 232mph
Dragbike Live was on location at the Manufacturers Cup Finals held November 12-14 2010 at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Georgia when Top Fuel Nitro motorcycle legendary drag racer Larry "Spiderman" Mcbride against V-Twin Top Fuel Harley rider Tommy Grimes aboard the Ray Price Top Fuel Nitro entry met in the final round. Mcbride ran an incredible 5.830 elapsed time at 232.75 miles per hour for the win! This was a historic final round,marking the first time a V-Twin Top Fuel Nitro burner would face off against an import Top Fuel Nitro Methane injected drag bike.

Super Twin final at FHRA 2011 NitroNats; Salakari vs Koedam
Super Twin Top Fuel Bike final at FHRA Nitronationals 2011, Roel Koedam def. Jaska Salakari; both on blown bikes

ANDRA Wildest Moments from Season 2012/13
A compilation of some of the wildest drag racing action ever seen on Australian drag strips. There's crashes, there's burns and they all walked away!

NitrOlympX 2016 - Top Fuel - Anita Mäkelä "Queen of Hockenheim" first in the 3's
Meanwhile it is the fifth season in European Top Fuel Racing which is run under the 1000ft regulations. However in Hockenheim the 4-second barrier was still unbroken. Moreover 2016 were probably the last NitrOlympX with those classic scoreboards on which Kent Persson lit up Europe's first "4" in Top Fuel back in 1997. So the question was: Will the "3" light up and if, by whom? I might be wrong, but I guess nobody in the crowd nor in the pit area was not happy with Anita Mäkelä that she blew that barrier to pieces. 3.96, 3.93 and a pedalfest to her first victory in Hockenheim since....uhm....20 years? I think last time she won here was in the mid-90s with her "SEGA" TM/D. Sydämelliset onnittelut Anita! Join me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/RMAs-Amateur-Footage/189618134401951