2010 Bentley Continental SuperSports

http://www.glasgow.bentleymotors.com A stunning special blue coloured Bentley Continental GT SS producing an astounding 621bhp. This car will do 0-62 in just 3.7s and reach speeds of over 200mph. This isn't just any car it's a car powered by Bentley's most powerful engine ever produced. Filmed at Bentley, Glasgow. Recorded in 720p HD by BigCraig94©

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Bentley Continental Supersports
Filmed at the 2010 Denver internatonal auto show

Bentley Glasgow's Best !!
http://www.glasgow.bentleymotors.com Some of 'Bentley Glasgow's Best' supercars including all Bentley Continental models, 997 GT2, R8 V10, 458 Italia, DB9 Volante, Overfinch Range Rovers and a V8 Vantage. Filmed at Bentley, Glasgow. Recorded in 720p HD by BigCraig94©

Bentley Continental GTC
Just a short video of a nice Bentley GTC in a beautiful shade of blue. I'm sorry if this car isn't 'exotic' enough to some of you, but here in Korea this Bentley is not that common. You would see the streets packed with regular GTs and Flying Spurs yet nobody would come across a GTC. But now after living in Houston for a year, you'd find Bentleys really popular, so after I'm done with Korea (just two more videos left) I won't upload many videos of Bentley's, with the exception if their driving or if its the Supersports.

Bentley Continental GT in Idaho
Yes, in LA or Las Vegas it's a usual sight, but in Boise, IDaho?... Sorry for the shaky video.. I had to film it with my iPhone while driving.