Black Cherry

Give this video a thumbs up if you're a rebel ;) haha Young Teenage kids who conform to all laws of society are swayed after stepping into the drivers seat of a 1994 Subaru Loyale....Black Cherryyyyyyy The influential Rebel Make sure to like our pages on facebook and subscribe! Thanks guys :D

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Pushing the limits on my fun powerless E30 that could and ended up crashing it into a concrete barrier on the highway! All fixed and ready to keep going. With all this practice from the last week, let's bring her onto Evergreen Speedway! Headed to the track tomorrow for the first time with her! Wish me luck :D 🎶: Celebrate - Peep This, Saber, Caleb Hart, Erick Diaz Want a sticker, an S52 motor, maybe a Mōvi M15 or an E36 Bashbar? Pick them up at !

The first EVER Mercedes S63 on ACCUAIR Suspension! //012

another SUPERCAR Rally!? PML Quickstrike // 015
In this vlog I give you guys a quick update on the E30 and drop the motor in before flying out to Vegas and driving to LA to attend a PML Quickstrike event put on by Platinum Motorsports with my boy Jose in his beautiful 2016 Mercedes S63 on Accuair suspension!! Make sure to show him some love on instagram!! [@CALISOULLA] At the end of the vlog we sit down for a late lunch with Ben Baller himself and I purchase my heart transplant for a very special car!! Follow the instagram for more information on that [@zwingfilms] As always, thanks for watching guys, please give this video a like and remember to SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already! :)

AutoDrop [4K] // Zwingfilms 🎶: Galantis - You (Psychic Type VIP Remix) Want a Sticker, an S52 motor, maybe a Mōvi M15 or an E36 Bashbar? Pick them up at !