Black Cherry

Give this video a thumbs up if you're a rebel ;) haha Young Teenage kids who conform to all laws of society are swayed after stepping into the drivers seat of a 1994 Subaru Loyale....Black Cherryyyyyyy The influential Rebel Make sure to like our pages on facebook and subscribe! Thanks guys :D

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Our BMW M4 broke down on the VEGAS STRIP! //013
We took a brand new BMW M4 from LA to Las Vegas for the 2016 Targa Trophy JDM vs Euro Festival and our cars battery seems to have overheated. It was 120 degrees that day and my camera overheated and we lost all of the actual "driving" footage from the rally on the best parts of the route but we still managed to put something together. Hope you enjoy it! Please give us a like and hit the subscribe button if you did! MUSIC: I forgot to include these at the end!! Sorry Hope - Apze Oliver Helden & Shaun Frank - Shades Of Grey (Saber X Erick Diaz Remix) aber-x-erick-diaz-remix Also thank you to Tony Hamblin for helping cut down some of the footage in this for me to get it pushed out sooner!

Pushing the limits on my fun powerless E30 that could and ended up crashing it into a concrete barrier on the highway! All fixed and ready to keep going. With all this practice from the last week, let's bring her onto Evergreen Speedway! Headed to the track tomorrow for the first time with her! Wish me luck :D 🎶: Celebrate - Peep This, Saber, Caleb Hart, Erick Diaz Want a sticker, an S52 motor, maybe a Mōvi M15 or an E36 Bashbar? Pick them up at !

Asking a car model on a DATE at Formula Drift Seattle! //014
Youtube completely BUTCHERED my audio to try and mute music half way through the film in case you are curious why it sounds so terrible.. Skip to 10:00 if you're just here for the thumbnail! Back at home in Seattle with my friends working on the E30 together and hanging out with Jason again!! I put some new carbon fiber bucket seats in the car and get to show them off at FD Seattle! - Need to wrap your car and you're local? Go to Kamikaze in Lacey, WA!

Racing an AMG Mercedes through EUROPE!! //02#?
Did some recon for a car rally in Europe that is happening on June 8th! --Register here! I've been MIA for quite some time and this Vlog is kind of a mystery, but see if you can connect the dots. If you guys want to help me create more vlog content, head over to the merch section of my store and pick up a sticker! Right now I have no way of funding these edits so anything helps! Keep in mind I personally make and distribute them myself :) 🎶: -Music is listed at the end of the video Want a Sticker, or an E36 Bashbar? Pick them up at !