Pearl white Plasti Dip

First lay down your coats of white dip, then when you lay down the last layer, take your silver metalizer and lightly spray the entire car. Be sure that the last coat of white is still wet or you will get an uneven pearl and texture. This works for all colors. Apply silver metalizer lightly over the last and wet coat of dip.

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Pearl White Plasti Dip Car
Fonzie from shows the DipYourCar Pro Car Kit, Plasti Dip Pearlizer Gallon making a Pearl White finish on a Audi A4.

Gloss White Plasti Dip - Glossifier over whole car
Pro Car Kits sold here: Fonzie from shows a full car done in Gloss White Plasti Dip. White Rubber Dip S with liquid Glossifier over it.

Matte White Plasti-dip: on a subaru
Tutorial : plastidip on a white subaru wrx. Cost = $5 and its removable !!!!! just to show you the contrast on a satin white pearl 2007. Equipment: matte plastidips, newspaper and tape.

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