Pearl white Plasti Dip

First lay down your coats of white dip, then when you lay down the last layer, take your silver metalizer and lightly spray the entire car. Be sure that the last coat of white is still wet or you will get an uneven pearl and texture. This works for all colors. Apply silver metalizer lightly over the last and wet coat of dip.

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Plasti Dip Nissan GTR Matte Black w/Matte Red Rims
Before & After of Nissan GTR with Plasti Dip applied by Pro Dips - This video was done back when Plasti Dip was first discovered for cars. This is not the process we use today lol. Check out or IG for more up to date professional installations. @Prodips

PlastiDip a WHOLE CAR - How-to by
Buy these products here: For High Res Pics of finished product visit Fonzie from DYC shows you how to plasti dip your entire car. Step by step instructions using the Pro Car Kit. Smooth finish, easy masking, all help included. Matte black audi s4 with glossifier on the wheels PlastiDIp is 100% removable, long lasting, and has zero affect on the car's OEM paint and clear coat.

Plasti Dip + Metalizer(金屬效果) by 隨意Dip
今次用Plasti Dip噴左3條鈴。 第一條鈴:先噴白色Plasti Dip做底色,再噴Silver Metalizer (銀色金屬效果) 第二條鈴:先噴黑色Plasti Dip做底色,再噴Silver Metalizer (銀色金屬效果) 第三條鈴:先噴黑色Plasti Dip做底色,再噴Gold Metalizer (金色金屬效果) 用家小貼士: 1) 每次噴之前,搖勻大約1分鐘以達到最佳效果 2) 以水平線角度噴 3) 每噴一層後, 等大約10到15分鐘才噴另一層 4) 每層避免噴過厚, 可避免表層出現氣泡或不平滑情況出現 如有問題及查詢, 歡迎留言或電郵到: 請like我地facebook page:

How to Plastidip Wheels - akaviking14
Here is an easier way to plastidip rims on any car using a garbage bag and flash cards. In this video, I will show you how to create a system that will allow you to keep your rim installed on your car without having any overspray or any mess when you are finished. Each rim should have at least 4-5 coats to ensure a long lasting finish. The key is to be very patient when applying plastidip other wise the finish will not turn out to be so great. The product used in the video is known as "Showroom Finish Detail Spray Wax" and can be found at: GGS Car Care offers a variety of products that are perfect for any car. Subscribe, comment and like the video as always! There will be more Camaro videos coming up very soon!