Flick Trix - Intermediate Flatland Tricks

Once you have the basics down, it's time to build on your skills! In this clip, you'll learn the Whiplash, Frame Stand, and Cliffhanger.

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Flick Trix - Intermediate Street Tricks
Once you've perfected you basics, you can move on to these harder street tricks! Check out the Back Peg Grind, Fufanu, 360, Feeble Grind, Lucky Grind, Crooked Grind and Tailwhip.

Flick Trix - Intermediate Dirt Tricks
It's time to add some difficulty to your dirt tricks! Check out the Nac Nac, Can Can and Turndown.

Flick Trix - Bike Customization and Games
In this clip, you'll learn how to customize your Flick Trix bike and how to play Flick Trix games!

Fingers Breakdance 5
Fingers on Breakdance dance floor,miniature Shoes, Hip-hop music with Urban feel beat; this video is a part of Fingers Breakdance YouTube Channel that features many Popular Fingers Skateboard and Fingers Breakdance videos, some with miniature Shoes, backed with Hip-hop - Urban feel - Dance music. Song: Gagnez "La Da Da Da" (Featuring Gina Rene & Rich Bella) Download "La da da da by Gagnez" here: https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/gagnez2 Also available on iTunes or Amazon MP3 Thank you for watching and I would love to read your comments SUBSCRIBE :) http://goo.gl/buefws Thanks