02 Volkswagen GTI VR6

just go it today, bone stock, no mods whatsoever...yet

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2002 gti vr6 140pmh
taking my gti to 140 on bridge in seatle

MK4 GTI VR6 Straight pipe LOUD!
2002 MK4 GTI VR6 (my fathers) Parts list: 20AE Euro lower velance(front & rear) Audi TT Wheels/LB wheels Tein Superstreet coilovers Neuspeed adjustable sway bars

Review: 2003 Volkswagen GTI VR6
I review the 2003 Volkswagen GTI VR6. A very affordable and still fun car. What do you think of it? This one is available at Harrison Auto Sales. The listing can be viewed here: http://www.autotrader.com/dealers/dda/detail.jsp?ct=u&car_id=353772782&deal er_id=73242&car_year=2003&pager.offset=100&dealership_view_name=www.harriso nautos.com&address=&sort_type=make_modelASC&resultCar=null&first_record=101 &cardist=5695 Song is 'Lightness' by Tobu Tobu YouTube: http://youtube.com/tobuofficial Tobu SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/7obu Royalty-Free Music ツ http://youtube.com/royaltrax "Like" the Facebook page for more updates! http://facebook.com/subaruwrxfan Business inquires can be directed to subaruwrxfanproductions@gmail.com

Volkswagen MK4 GTI VR6 24v Billy Boat Exhaust Install (ECS Tuning)
A video of the install of a Billy Boat Exhaust System. From ECS Tuning. Any question please feel free to leave a comment!