02 Volkswagen GTI VR6

just go it today, bone stock, no mods whatsoever...yet

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2002 GTI VR6
6-speed BillyBoat Cat-back Exhaust

BMW E36 M3 stock Vs VR6 Bolt-ons
Stock E36 M3 vs Vr6 in westmoney runs Zero Gravity Motorsports.... Bizness516 Music, Runs, Clothes we do it all.....

I'm selling my car, already in the process of buying an R32 to build. Serious inquiries only, don't make an offer if less then $6,200. More mods then I care to list, just message me for information. Local sale only, pickup if possible.

2003 volkswagen gti vr6
my new (used) 2003 volkswagen golf GTI. it has a vr6 and 6 speed manual transmission. Leather seats, sunroof, all that good stuff, and its pretty dang fun to drive. on a funny note, the miles when i got it was 101101 xD I hope you like it =p