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How to replace the camshaft positioning sensor on a 2001 Do
This video shows you how to replace the camshaft positioning sensor on a 2001 Dodge Durango 4.7L. The sensor was purchased from and the part number is SIPC244 (mfg p/n is PC244). The cost is $30 shipped (in the video I wasn't sure and thought it was $40 shipped...sorry).

2003 dodge ram crankshaft position sensor

04 dodge neon camshaft position sensor replacment
replacing a camshaft position sensor on an 04 dodge neon SE. Explaining on where the location and tips.

Camshaft Position Sensor P0340 Testing and Replacement HD
Click Here to Subscribe! Website: Today we're testing the camshaft position sensor, along with its harness connector. The sensor consists of a permanent magnet, core and coil. When the engine is running, the gap between the sensor and cam sprocket will periodically change. This generates a voltage and sends the information to the ECM. Code P0340 could be generated by the following reasons: - Harness or connectors is open or shorted. - Camshaft position sensor - Starter motor / starting system circuit. Tools Used: Safety Glasses 10mm wrench Digital Multimeter (DMM) Starter Replacement Video: Note: This video is being performed by an experienced tech. Any attempt to repair automotive parts and/or systems carries risk of personal injury. Always adhere and follow safe practices when working on vehicles. Such as, use safety glasses, jack stands, no loose clothing, etc. No guarantee or warranty is implied. Use the information in this video at your own risk. Publication, reproduction or distribution of this film is strictly prohibited. This was performed on a 1997 Nissan Maxima. Please check with your vehicle's repair manual for testing parameters.