RS SquaD Presents: "RidiculouS Turbo-T REGAL" Everything CustoM, Nasty System..!

World Premiere (5-4-2013): "Ridiculou$ T-Type RegaL" - Lettin' the Soundz Go! Everything CustoM {RS} PHILLY RS SquaD

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87 buick regal "green goblin" its a vibe
Got a chance to record my brothers beautiful regal,on 24inch rucci forged,packing a healthy small block

SAM Buick Regal T-Type , Exotic Classic!! PHILLY .- Team Ridiculous Soundz
SAM "turbo Buick" Rolling RidiculouS! RS Squad PHILLY

1985 Buick T Type Limited aka Grand National
Too many mods to name here but I went through the whole car & it's still not where I want it to be but very close.... Proud Buick owner... Maybe for sale if the price is right. Hit me up...

KandyonChrome: Buick Regal GS 455 Stage 1 Custom Built
The Hardest Gbody Takedown Episode 4 Custom Built Buick Regal with a 1970 GS 455 Stage 1. Also Update on Da Real Mr Gbody new purple paint and a special appearance from Slim Millionaire with his Custom Cutlass on 30s says he's calling anyone on 30's Out!