SVRA Sebring Vintage Race Many in car angles

This was the Friday Vintage Race at Sebring. A very exciting race.

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2014 HSR MITTY Porsche 356 race with Lotus 7's

Sprint Car Racing as never seen before, an insight to the wild ride
There’s no other motorsport quite like Sprint Car Racing. With a power to weight ratio similar to F1, controlling 900+HP to the rear wheels of a 658KG car on dirt is like taming a wild beast. Using a super slow motion camera for the first time in Sprint Car Racing has resulted in footage never seen like this before. Jump on board with American Kyle Hirst to experience the rush of Sprint Car Racing. Agency: The Dreamers Director: Allan Hardy D.O.P / Phantom Flex Operator: Andrew Buckley Red Epic Operator: Allan Hardy Technical Lighting Director: Cam Pianta Lighting Assistant: Simon Harrington 3D Animation / Colour: Marc Purnell Audio Engineer: Oliver Lyu Editor: Allan Hardy Equipment: Cinoptix

KTM Racing - Sand Cars Unlimited
Sand Cars Unlimiteds newest build for KTM Racing Dubai. LSX 454 Twin turbo. Sand Cars Unlimited, Motor by CBM Motors, paint by Haynie Designs, body by Emil Miller

12 Hours of Sebring SVRA Vintage Sprint Race in a 1959 Corvette
Enjoy the Sebring Full Circuit in this 1959 Vintage Corvette Race Car built by Tom Lalinsky ( and driven by Corvettes at Carlisle ( Lance Miller. The video was taken during the SVRA Sprint Race hosted in March 2012. If you like Corvettes, vintage cars and racing you should enjoy the video. We ran a best time of 2:40. Thanks for watching!