Volvo V70 R Race At Bandimere Speedway

Ryan Racin His V70 R

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Volvo V70 od BSR
Za volantem tohoto auta Jakub konečně pochopil, jak chutnají švédské masové koule. Hutných 417 koní v nasteroidované předokolce s přímým řízením, jedovatými brzdami a závodními skořepinami, působí opravdu jako výkladní skříň a důkaz toho, že BSR umí i extrémní úpravy.

Extreme Volvo Rallying
Another Volvo Rallyvideo, the best one so far. Videos from plenty of years (2010-2015)... 24 minutes of action, crashes etcetera! Worth to see if you like Volvo.. Volvo 940, 240, 740, 850. Mostly tuned cars. Some original ones tho. NOTICE: No one was seriously injured in the recording of this video. All clips inclusive videos are copyrighted, all rights intended. Stealing or using my videos without my authorization may result in consequenses.

Guerrilla equipped Volvo V70R racing at Zandvoort Circuit
Volvo V70R AWD MY2004 with ~350 bhp. Modifications: ram-air intake, increased Boost pressure, ECU re-map, short shifter. And of course a Guerrilla full stainless steel straight-through Exhaust: 3 inch downpipe with high-flow cat, 3 inch mid pipe flowing into 2.5 inch tubing with bomb style absorption muffler, oval tail tip. The Exhaust complements the beautiful 5-cylinder engine soundtrack; melodic across the rev range, no drone, lovely turbo woosh. And nice flames on hot high-speed gearshifts.

IPD vs EST vs Borla - Volvo R Exhaust Comparison
Volvo S60R V70R Exhaust comparison. All vehicles have OBX Catless Downpipes.