Riva Racing 400hp Turbo Kit for the Yamaha FZR WaveRunner

Riva Racing's Dave Bamdas introduces the new 400hp turbocharger kit designed specifically for the Yamaha FZR and FZS WaveRunner. Kit will produce top speeds nearing 90 mph.

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Riva Racing 400hp Turbo Kit for the Yamaha 1.8L Engine
Riva Racing is now selling a 400hp turbo kit for the Yamaha 1.8L engine that powers the high-performance FZR, FZS, VXR, VXS as well as the luxury-performance FX models.

yamaha fzr turbo 503hp first test

Riva 310 HP Kit for the Yamaha 1.8L Supercharged SHO Engine
Riva Motorsports offers an aftermarket kit that increases the horsepower of the Yamaha 1.8L Supercharged SHO Engine to 310HP. The Yamaha SHO engine is available in the Yamaha FZR, FZS, FX Cruiser SHO and FX SHO WaveRunners. Riva's Dave Bamdas explains how the kit works.

RIVA RACING 2015 FZR 350 - Custom Build
The RIVA FZR 350 Custom Build was developed for performance enthusiasts who demand the ultimate in power and styling. The custom build features a host of Riva Performance Products perfectly matched to the Yamaha FZR platform. This unit features exclusive hull graphics & orange anodized components. The engine produces a reliable 350 horsepower delivering incredible acceleration and a top speed of 82 MPH. To compliment the added power, the unit includes upgraded steering and handling components for complete rider control. The RIVA FZR 350 Custom Build is a race ready muscle craft built for the track or local buoy course. The RIVA Yamaha FZR 350 Custom Build was brought to you by a division of Riva Motorsports. For more information, please contact us at info@rivamotorsports.com or 954-785-2684. For Competition Use Only. Click here to view the performance kit on our website: http://rivaracing.com/i-23104388-2016-riva-racing-fzr-350-limited-edition.h tml