PBZtv - Supra Club Sweden dyno meet @ PBZ 2009-08-08

Supra Club Sweden had a Dyno meet at PBZ. There were some really nice cars, amoung others Björcks 900whp Supra!

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Bjorcks busbil supra 1294 rwhp dyno
Link to longer video of 2011: http://vimeo.com/32619948

Armins 1147whp supra - highwaypull
Armins Daily driven 1147Whp supra. Doing some highway pulls.

Bjorck's Supra at Action Meet 2009
Compilation i made on Bjorck's Supra, filmed by MTSMotorsport so give him all the credit for this film since i wasnt there to film it my self.

David Björks Supra 1100hk
4th gear burnout