08 Charger SRT8 vs Turbo 300 SRT8 Drag Race

7-7-10 - Lebanon Valley - 2nd round of time trials - 95 degree day - rotten time but gotta love a turbo 300

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Episode 12: SRT8 300 vs Terminator Cobra. Zr1 vs STI & Turbo 3V.
The Boat (SRT8 300) vs The Gardensnake (03-04 Cobra): 45 roll on 3. The counts are very hard to hear cause the 300 is LOUD. ZR1 vs turbo 3v: 3V gets the hit from 60. 3V gets a car and hit on last race. ZR1 vs STI: Dig, 1/8th Mile Heads up '12 Coyote vs '01 Z06: 45 roll Heads up.

E55 AMG vs SRT8 300C
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Turbo 300C SRT8 vs S/C 300C
Silver srt 426 twin turbo Black 300C S/C

Chrysler 300C SRT8 autobahn 270 km/h
Chrysler 300C SRT8 going 270 km/h (at 2:25) and "pedal to the metal" on german autobahn A7 near Goettingen (3 lanes, no speed limit, 7 km dead straight :-) The digital speedometer shows the exact speed (+/- 1 km/h compared to GPS). Recorded on Sun, 01 September 2013