XR6 turbo dose pipe test 2

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XR6 Turbo Screamer Pipe Inside car
How obnoxious it is inside the car, passing two mates in the blue & white utes.

Just a quick test drive with new dose pipe and cold side piping set up... Only temporarily set up like this and just wanted to take a quick vid because it sounds so cool... In this vid I was on my way to get the flange welded on for the BOV and the next time it was driven was back to the Dyno... So for those who feel the need to educate me, I know what compressor surge is...

xr6 turbo dose pipe
Ive tryed a few diffrent ones this is a 3 " aluminium cut V angle 90 degrees..

700bhp monster Ford XR6 turbo
This video does no justice to the fact I got smashed into the seat every time he hit the gas. G's to make you swallow your teeth...