XR6 turbo dose pipe test 2

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Just a quick test drive with new dose pipe and cold side piping set up... Only temporarily set up like this and just wanted to take a quick vid because it sounds so cool... In this vid I was on my way to get the flange welded on for the BOV and the next time it was driven was back to the Dyno... So for those who feel the need to educate me, I know what compressor surge is...

XR6 turbo dose pipe test 1

xr6 turbo dose pipe
Ive tryed a few diffrent ones this is a 3 " aluminium cut V angle 90 degrees..

xr6 turbo dose
here is a vid from my xr6-t. its running 310kw@the wheels in this vid, the car next to me is a stock xr6 turbo with a dose pipe coming off the turbo, you will notice the dose on the grey car has a higher pitched sound due to the smaller amount of air rushing back out the inlet tract you will notice the sound is much slower on my car which has a larger Intercooler/intake.. NOTE: No speedlimits were broken in the filming of this video!..Also there was no wheelspin, or hooning (its just induction noise)