Electric VW Bug vs Gas Powered Karmann Ghia

A 1974 VW Beetle and Karmann Ghia make passes. The Beetle is electric and the Karmann Ghia has a 2050cc gasoline engine. The completely custom Battery Operated Bug (B.O.B.) is for sale and the Karmann Ghia is scheduled to be converted to electric. Join EV4U Custom Conversions at their 3 Day Hands-On Conversion Workshops starting in 2012. www.EV4Unow.com

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Electric VW Bug climbs a 6% grade with ease.
Electric Bug, converted by EV4U Custom Conversions demonstrates how well in handles hilly terrain by climbing a 6% grade and a series of curves. www.EV4Unow.com

VW DAYS 2015 - Low Conformists
Follow @lep_automotive & @lowconformists on Instagram! Le plus grand rassemblement de véhicules du groupe VAG de l'hexagone. Biggest french event for VW enthusiasts. http://www.clubgolfidf.com/ https://www.facebook.com/LiamEylesProductions?pnref=lhc https://www.facebook.com/golowgohome?fref=ts http://www.lowconformists.co.uk/ Song: What So Not - Touched (Slumberjack Remix)

Electric VW Beetle out for a drive.
Electric VW Bug climbs 5% grade with ease. This is the second part of a two part video. In the first part the Bug climbs a 6% grade for more than two miles, then turns around and climbs a short 5% grade on the return trip. Video shows ride and handling of a 1974 VW Beetle converted to electric by EV4U Custom Conversions in Shasta Lake California. www.EV4Unow.com

67 vw beetle resto/electric conversion pt.1
67 beetle restoration and electric conversion