2006 Sports Sedan Championship BIG Crash.mp4

Dean Randle's BIG CHRASH at Phillip Island Raceway 2006 Sports Sedan Championship Dean Randle driving a SAAB for Kerrick

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2014 Kerrick Sports Sedans Series - Phillip Island
2014 Kerrick Sports Sedans Series - Phillip Island

Australian Sports Sedan Championship 2002
This is Race 2 as broadcast on Trackside in 2002 from Sandown Raceway in Victoria. This was the final race in the 2002 Championship.

NSW Super mini Sports sedan's racing in 1990. On lap 3 Clyde Lee crashes is spectacular fashion. Clyde continued to race Mini 1000's after the crash but never returned to Mini Sports sedans. Oran Park

1997 Sports Sedan Race
Sports sedan race from the '97 Gold Coast Indy. The race was called Tranzam so I think some Kiwis came over for it.