Crash test with and without safety belt

See a head on crash test with and without a safety belt and airbags. Video credit Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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Seatbelt vs. No Seatbelt Crash Test Dummy |
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Air Bags and Seat Belts
The front and side Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) includes up to 6 airbags. They are located in: The steering wheel hub and front passenger instrument panel (front airbags) The outboard sides of the front seatbacks (side airbags) The front and rear window pillars and the roof edge along both sides (curtain airbags). These systems operate independently depending on the type of accident encountered. The front SRS airbags are activated by strong frontal collisions. Together with the restraining effort of the seat belts, they help reduce the risk of serious injury to the head and upper torso of the driver and front passenger. In the event of a significant side-on impact, side and curtain airbags deploy to minimise the shock inflicted on the chest, head and neck areas of front and rear seat passengers.