BMW X5 Air Suspension waking up!

Let the car sleeping with the suspension on "access mode". In the morning, press and hold the alarm button to unlock the door. All windows will open, then the air suspension wake up too. Hope you like!

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Bmw X5 4.8is AIR SUSPENSION broken
air shock suspension front left is broken. You can see front left is low Bmw dealer - 1450$

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Another Problem with My BMW X5 | Suspension Troubles I noticed the 2009 BMW X5 Diesel looked a little saggy at the rear end the other day and decided to investigate. Turns out that there was a problem and I describe what I found and spoke with the dealer and also share with you, the cost for repair. Apparently these cars have a common failure mode on the suspension of these X5's. If you would like to visit my main channel and enjoy the large volume of premium and Supercar videos, please see: We are always looking for supercars to drive and review, so if you would like to offer your toy, please contact via Private Message, and we can make arrangements. Send Note to : Join along and enjoy this point of view and tell us in the comments if you agree or not. Please see more from my Youtube channel TWITTER - @Exoticcarplaypl - FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM - @Exoticcar_Playplace -

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Here's something you don't see everyday. An x5 that's actually modded. This car looks stock on the outside but is a functional fun daily driver. Song ( No Copyright Intended) Nodachi- Matte

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How to diagnose an air suspension leak causing the back of the car to dip or sag. This video is showing a BMW E70 X5