iRacing Okayama Skip Barber RT2000 racesim cockpit - iRJL OpenWheel R6

iRacing Okayama Skip Barber RT2000 cockpit - Race start and lap 1 - iRJL OpenWheel Round 6 19" + 22" + 19" SoftTH, Logitech G25 + Logitech MOMO Force wheel, NIXIM, Z1SimWheel LCD box

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Kart Racing Pro beta 2 kid
little son playing kart racing pro beta 2

iRacing Williams F1 Watkins Glen, racesim cockpit
iRacing Grand Prix series 2011 season 4 week 5 Watkins Glen Classic Boot laps in open practice session on my sim cockpit. Williams FW31 Formula One car is excellent with Watkins Glen. rigs:MOMO Force steering wheel on G25, Z1SimWheel LCD Box, 19+22+19 SoftTH

iRacing: Road Warrior Round 7 F1 Williams FW31 "Canadian GP" at Montreal - Sign Me Up!
What an exciting car and what an exciting race! Oh - and what an exciting F1 wheel...;) SoF 2979 Enjoy

D-Box Motion Cockpit, iRacing & GoPro Hero3 - Daytime
Recorded during the day for extra light in the cockpit, not the best driving only driven the C6R once before and it's a bit of a handful with my limited driving experience. These videos are not about my driving but just to give a first person view of the d-box motion cockpit. Rig: Custom D-Box 4250i Motion Platform iRacing, Corvette C6R & Riley MkXX Daytona Prototype at Watkins Glen GoPro Hero3 Black Edition 1080p Wide, 50fps Thrustmaster T500RS with Sparco P310 & Sam Maxwell Button Plate DSD Sequential Shifter Triple Asus VG278HE 144Hz at 5900x1080 resolution.