Mirage 4G63T/AWD from Cleveland ran 11.0

this was the very first pass after rebuilt and tuned, car ran 11.0 got 1.23 first 60' 130 MPH. missing 2 and 3 gear...

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Mirage 4G63T/AWD Cleveland tuning @ Buschur
That was the tuning at Buschur

LILEVO 800hp 4g63 Mirage Dyno/Track 2014
Each year LILEVO shows up to the DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout in Ohio and outs on a show. This 9sec, 800hp, Mirage is a beast that i'm sure is hard to tame.

4g63 980hp drag evo 3
drag mitsubishi evo 3 after an engine wash ...

Building a 4G63T Engine in 10 minutes
Engine building