Mazda 323F 1.6 acceleration 0-180 km/h

stock Mazda 323F 1.6 acceleration from 0 to 180 km/h

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Mazda 323F V6 0-100
standart KF-DE.

Mazda 323F BG 0-200km/h acceleration
engine 1.8 DOHC non-turbo 1993 Jako, że pojawia się coraz więcej komentarzy sugerujących, że ten film nie jest autentyczny tutaj jest link z opisem auta i jego historią: Z drugiej strony to ciekawe jakim autem trzeba jeździć aby takie przyspieszenie auta wydawało sie nieprawdopodobne... Trabantem?

VIII. Magyar Mazda 323F (BG) klubtalálkozó
Rövid összefoglaló a 2011-es érsekújvári klubtalálkozó eseményeiről. Short summary of the 2011 club meeting of the Hungarian Mazda 323F (BG) club, held at Nové Zámky, Slovakia. All the copyright for the music belongs to their owners.

How to replace a light bulb on Mazda 323 instrument dashboard
Well if you find yourself in situation that at night your instrument dashboard is not fully illuminated, maybe one of your car's dashboard light bulb is burnt out. Don't worry at all, because it is super easy fix. All you will need is a small screwdriver and extra day light lightbulb which cost around $0.4. As well you can always borrow one from your daylight light bulb socket or just look around, those bulbs are universal! :D p.s. As well you can turn off (by removing) all annoying lights, like air bag lights, check engine light and so on by this method!