Stock turbo srt4 vs 50 trim awd eclipse

Srt vs DSM

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Battle of the DSMs
Matts 97 GSX vs Daves 97 TSi AWD The GSX is on a 50trim with supporting mods and the TSi AWD is running a b16g with BC 272 cams and supporting mods.

Srt vs gsx
Srt4 vs GSX At Mason Dixon

Dodge Caliber SRT4 AWD Conversion (first run)
First-ever world awd conversion. Caliber SRT4 engine + Mitsu EVO X awd transmission

srt 4 vs dsm gsx
Heres a run of my srt vs our buddies dsm talon in a closed street with cam phone, good vid but not so good sound. srt running 93 canned, with cai and front mount, full 3'' turbo back and dsm runing bfmic with full Exhaust and hard pipping oh ya the most important factor.... its awd! more vids of 40 mph runs to come