1986 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am


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You Got It Pontiac 1985
Here are 4 commercials that ran as the "You got it Pontiac" series in 1985 - The Pontiac Sunbird, Fiero GT, Firebird, and Grand Am. Quite a cool series, and a great catchphrase which I use to this day!

Pontiac Banshee A Longer Look
The Banshee was a vision for what the Firebird could become. Of course, this concept car could never be built exactly, too low on the road and it wouldn't pass the safety and crash tests, but it was exciting. It demonstrated that the problem with GM cars didn't sit on the designers' shoulders. They were more than capable of dreaming up engaging and fun vehicles that would set imaginations on fire.

Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am
All car scenes from Smokey and the Bandit 1 where the T/A was in.

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Timeline
Pontiac Firebird Trans Am through the years 1967-2002 Facebook.com/3rdgenfbodybandit