Jethro Bovingdon races the Jaguar XKR 75 at the Nurburgring (2010)

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Rallye de Paris - 19.03.2011 : Essais de Jaguar XKR 75ème Anniversaire
Edition 1. L'Equipe de Jaguar TV vous emmène à bord du Jaguar XKR 75ème Anniversaire sur le circuit de Magny-Cours lors du Rallye de Paris 2011. Réalisation : Antoine Elizabé

XKR 75 on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, 22/09/2013
My 8th lap of the Nürburgring "Green Hell" in the XKR 75 Goodwood LE - not very special, with a particularly hairy moment in Schwedenkreuz (@ 2:33) and spoiled by delays from 3 crashes. We decided not to video the earlier laps to avoid the temptation to push too hard, too soon - then we were too low on gas for a 9th. I think it would have been under 10 mins without the holdups - not bad for a first-timer. Big kudos to Terv, an excellent navigator.

Nurburgring Jaguar XKR-S Fast Lap
Fast lap at the Nurburgring in Jaguar XKR-S in July 2011 Shame that previous car dropped oil on the racing line and we had to slow down.

XKR 75 - 184 mph (296 kph) on the A31 Autobahn
A speed run on the A31 in the XKR 75 Goodwood LE, early on 21/09/2013. The car is supposed to be limited to 174 mph (280 kph), but we suspect it is set to 186/300 - the actual top speed measured by GPS (you can see the display in the lower right corner) is 184 mph, and the car will maintain 182 as long as there is clear road.