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BMW 735i E32 1990 acceleration 80-200 km/h @ dutch highway

BMW 735i van 1990 accelererend van 80 naar 200 km/u in 4e en 5e versnelling, handgeschakeld. Alleen al door het 6-cilinder geluid de moeite van het kijken waard! BMW 735i of 1990 accelerating from 80 to 220 km/h in 4th and 5th gear, manual. Only for the sound of the 6-cylinder engine worth to watch it! 90er BMW 735i beschleunigt nach Tempo 200 aus 80 im 4. und 5. Gang, Handschalter. Nur der Sound ist das anschauen (und hören) schon wert! BMW, Freude am Fahren :) Technische gegevens Daten technical specifications: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Reihensechser 6-in-lijn straight six - 3430cc Hubraum cilinderinhoud cubic inches - Hinterradantrieb achterwielaandrijving RWD - max. Vermögen vermogen power: 155 kW (211 pk) @ 5800tpm - max. Drehmoment koppel torque: 305 Nm @ 4500tpm - Höchstgeschwindigkeit topsnelheid topspeed: 230 km/h - Beschleuniging acceleratie acceleration: 0-100 km/h 8,3 Sekunden seconden seconds - Kraftstoffverbrauch durchschnittlich brandstofverbruik gemiddeld avarage fuelconsumption: 11,4 l/100km 1 op 8,8 Euro95 Benzin - Übersetzungsverhältnisse overbrengingsverhoudingen gear ratio's: 1e versnelling Ersten Gang 1st gear: 3,83:1 2e versnelling Zweiten Gang 2nd gear: 2,20:1 3e versnelling Dritten Gang 3rd gear: 1,40:1 4e versnelling Vierten Gang 4th gear: 1,00:1 5e versnelling fünften Gang 5th gear: 0,81:1 - Drehzahl bei 120km/h toerental bij 120 km/u: 2.750 tpm


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BMW e32 750i V12 Autobahn 50-250KmH 300PS acceleration Beschleunigung must see BERG-AUF
Nochmal fett gedruckt: ES GING BERG-AUF. Mit zunehmender Steigung. (A19 Auffahrt Linstow richtung Rostock) Der Motor ist NICHT DEFEKT, ich pflege das Teil wie mein eigenes Kind. Habe den ganzen Wagen 2010 schon komplett zerlegt und generalüberholt und er läuft heut noch 1A und knackt in einigen Wochen die 200.000er Marke :-) Ich werd bei leerer Autobahn nochmal ein Video machen aber einen Abschnitt mit gerader Strecke, weniger Verkehr und dann von 0 - 250.

E32 new straight pipes
740il with straight Exhaust

BMW 740IL E32 E38 V8 750IL 740i 1 Owner 52,000 Original mile 1 Owner Car Guy
1 Owner Car Guy AKA Nathan Wratislaw & This here is the Cleanest BMW E32 740iL You are going to find anywhere! Seriously This is a ONE Owner 52,000 Original Low Mile creampuff in Perhaps one of the rarest of Colors. I do LOVE the Big Body cars and do A LOT of Mercedes and BMW 500SEL 600SEL and the 740iL and the 750iL I love them all but a clean one makes me just melt...;-) Make sure and check out my other videos I always have lots of Neat Unique and Interesting Classic EURO and Muscle cars and i sell them Cheap. Http://www.1ownercarguy.com and you will see about 30% of the 160 to 180 in stock Thanks for watching make sure and Subscribe to my channel I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

BMW 740i 0-200

BMW e32 750i V12 M70B50 Autobahn 300 л.с разгон с 50-250 км/ч max speed

Dodge Viper GTS Heffner LOUD Backfire!! - 1080p HD
FB: http://www.facebook.com/Jorrie2YT & http://www.facebook.com/jorrik.aben Maybe you allready know this amazing sounding Dodge Viper GTS Heffner, because I allready have uploaded some sound videos of this car. But this time not only the lovely sound of the V10; this video also includes a lot of backfire! As you might know, I participated an ''Autobahn Run'' last Sunday with my VW Golf V GTI. It was a lot of fun, but on the other side; I could not film the action by myself. That's why my co-driver took my camera, while I was driving, So, when you think that the quality is not like you are used from me, you know the reason ;) Thanks for watching!

Bimmerfest 2011 BMW Meeting
!!!LIES MICH!!! !!!READ ME!!! Hier ein kleiner Ausschnitt vom Bimmerfest 2011 ;D Here is a small video of the Bimmerfest 2011 ;D

BMW M550d Test
Testing the new BMW M550d. Driving on the German Autobahn outside Hamburg. Check out the savage torque this super car delivers together with a fantastic sound. The test was carried out during a 2 hour, 170km ride and the average consumption was 13,4L/100km.

BMW 735i e65 no gas no fun :-))))

1989 BMW 750iL Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour
In this video I give a full in depth tour of a 1989 BMW 750iL. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while showing details, over viewing of features, and noting unique styling cues to the vehicle itself. I also show the engine and the details of it, start it up and see how it sounds under acceleration. A thorough tour/review of this car designed to give others a greater overall appreciation of the vehicle.

BMW SERIES 7 E32 735i (part#1)
Small show Driving in circles - how to ride my Bimmer ;))) Vehicle information: BMW 7 Series 735i E32 model, year of production 05.1988 Configured as a sports version: Engine 3500i 211PS, manual gearbox Getrag 260, limited slip transmission (Lsd25%), suspension M-Technic + -30mm.H&R black springs, alloy wheels BBS RS front 16x9,5 ET8 & rear16x10,5 ET20 with tires: front Bridgestone S-02 225/50ZR16 & rear Bridgestone S-01 245/45ZR16 Inside: Elec.Leather Recaro, 28mm Raid HP, Lightpakiet, rear-blind, 4x elec.window, sunroof, shadowline, board computer. VERY RARE 735i E32 !!!

BRUTAL BMW E60 M5 meisterschaft acclerations - Powerslide, on board, revving, and more!
I recently had the incredible opportunity to do a photoshoot and get a ride in this stunning blue BMW E60 M5. This particular M5 has a meisterschaft Exhaust system, which makes the V10 absolutely scream. A list of mods to this car include miestershaft gtc Exhaust, catless headers, turner motorsport software, turner motorsport pulleys, hr lower springs, and 21in BBS wheels. The combination of all those things create the most stunning M5 I have ever seen with about 570HP. Leave a comment letting me know how you like the car, wheels, and acceleration sound, and remember to subscribe for more insane car videos from the recent Greenwich Concours D'Elegance! Finally, thanks to Drew for the awesome experience, and for lighting up the tires at the end of the video :D

E38 735
BMW E38 735 0-200

Запуск моторов замерзших "немцев" BMW 730 & W126
Надежность техники исходит из ее качества изготовления, наверное за это переплачивали владельцы этих авто , чтоб в лютую российскую зиму, они имели возможность заводиться "с пол-оборота"

BMW 750il E32 Biturbo Part 3
BMW 750il E32 Biturbo 550 hp Part 3

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