How to patch rust. - more secrets revealed!

Here it is one you have all been waiting for this is a commercial repair, for a every day car By no means a restoration job .although it is still a effective removal and patching of rust . Disclamer Videos are for reference and entertainment only: Even tho they are based on step by step guide - If you attempt a repair like the one seen in this video please use the proper safety equipment,

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Proper automotive rust repair
A quick video that follows a rust repair I did on my daughter's car. The right way of dealing with rust is cutting it out and welding new metal in, no other method will yield any lasting repair. And no, rust can not be neutralized completely on a car, there are just too many places you can't reach... No miracle product, no shortcuts....its just a long process... Don't ask about price, I don't do those kinds of repairs commercially, there is just no way to make money with those at a fixed price...

How to Repair Rocker Panel Rust (Mazda Miata Mx-5)
Let's fix my beater Miata. Keep in mind this car cost $1000, so no this isn't a professional repair. However, this video should guide you through the basic process of repairing rusty rocker panels (or sills) on a NA Mazda Miata (Mx-5) or similar vehicles. This is my first attempt at sharing a video so sit back and enjoy some sloppy editing and cheesy generic music. Disclaimer: Remember, I'm just a dude in a garage that likes to mess with cars...not a trained professional. Use tools and this guide at your own risk. If you are unsure about your abilities, please use the services of a professional. I am not responsible for any damages to yourself, your car, or anything else you manage.

Patch Panels-Installation and Hand Forming Automotive Panels from howtoASAP
How to ASAP brings you another DVD on "Installing and Hand Forming Patch Panels". Replacing entire quarters or other sheet metal is not always the best way to solve rust or damage problems on your project. There are times when patch panels are a perfectly acceptable repair--if you know how to install them correctly. Nationally recognized car builder, Craig Hopkins, will take you through the step by step installation of a lower quarter patch panel and bonus segments on hand forming patches using tools you probably have in your garage. You will learn methods and tips which will produce professional results with your "do-it-yourself" project. This high quality DVD is over 90 minutes of information that will leave you with a repair that will be hard to spot. Whether you are a professional or taking on your first repair, this DVD will help you do it right the first time. For this and other DVDs like "Mig Welding Automotive Sheet Metal" , go to Copyright by Out of Our Minds Media

Metal patching without welding
cheap easy and solid