Hyundai Veloster USB Interface Install v1.5.2 Beta | Navigation and Video | PART 1 of 2

This build showcases a new installer, modified UI with navigation and bug fixes. Development continues on the USB User Interface. This is a development build with navigation software loaded with NO maps installed. Right now navi software launches, however we need users to see if they can figure out how to get a GPS lock across different models. Further development will continue please report feedback.

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Hyundai Veloster USB Video and NAV Interface Vehicle Install | PART 2 of 2
This video is part 2 of 2 of the USB interface install into the Hyundai Veloster. Part 1: This video shows how to install the software to the head unit in the car and how to launch the interface, play video and launch NAV. It's a quick walk around of features. Support and detail available here:

Hyundai Veloster Next Gen User Inteface | Veloster
This is a design and simulation exercise showcasing a next generation and new automotive interface for Hyundai of America. A standardized UI across all models with visual customization for each model to showcase the segment of the vehicle. This is a UI exercise, and concept, using open source OS, modern hardware. Easy to update and upgrade. I took a look at what was in place and what needed to be done long term to make sure vehicle systems would always stay relevant even 6 years after initial purchase. What is seen here is Yelp, performance tools and audio playback.

How to update the map on a Hyundai Veloster (2012-2015)
This is video instruction on how to update the map using a USB for a Veloster (2012-2015). To purchase a Hyundai map update, visit

Change your Hyundai Veloster Screensaver
2011 Veloster screensaver change. My car has the style and tech packages, so not sure if that's going to make a diff with the other models. Have fun and love your "V" ✌️