GMC Straight Pipe

New Exhaust. Straight pipe from the stock cat.

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1999 GMC Sonoma Flowmaster Super 44
I got bored of the old stock muffler so i went and bought this and put it on. It sounds kinda ricey compared to a real truck like a chevy 2500hd. But it will do and im getting better fuel consumption with it on anyways,and the honking was my phone going off. So tell me what you think of this.

03 Sonoma 4.3 cat-back straight pipe sound
my 03 sonoma zq8 after i got the exhuast done

1997 Chevy s10 4.3L V6 with straight-pipe exhaust
Magma flow tip, with straight pipe Exhaust.

2000 gmc sonoma straight piped
my 200 gmc sonoma 4x4 straight piped. 2.5 inch from the manifold back.