2012 Honda Odyssey DYI 2-way LED strips rear bumper reflectors

Adding LED strips to your rear bumper reflectors with Parking & Brake light.

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How to Paint and Install a Plastic Bumper Cover (Spray Paint)
http://scratchwizard.net/touch-up-kits/bumperwizard/ Transcript: In this video you will learn to purchase, paint and install a replacement plastic bumper on your vehicle for about half the cost you would pay an auto body repair shop. Supplies you will need for this job: 1. Clip puller 2. Short ahandle Screw driver 3. 4 half-sheets of 600 grist sandpaper 4. 2 spray cans of factory matched paint 5. 2 spray cans of automotive clear coat 6. Dust mask or respirator 7. 4 oz. wax and grease remover 8. (3) lint-free cloth 9. 10 mm socket and ratchet. 10. 8 mm socket and ratchet. 11. Water in spray bottle. Time required: 3 hours Buying a new bumper at a low price. This is a rear bumper for a 2003 Odyssey. I called local dealers and was quoted $450. I bought this one for $315 shipped from rockauto.com and it showed up in 4 days. Another source for inexpensive bumpers is ebay. Step 1: Bumper prep: Your bumper will arrive with a black primer already applied, but it tends to be rough and have a few flaws so you'll first want to wetsand the whole piece with 600 grit sandpaper. Now wipe down the entire bumper with wax and grease remover. Apply wet with towel # 1, then dry with separate towel. Step 2: Apply Basecoat Shake your can for about a minute. Spray from a distance of about 10 to 12 inches. Be sure to spray very light coats so you don't get a run. Try to apply your paint so each pass overlaps the previous by 50 %. If you're spraying silver or gold, it's important that you also apply some light coats in a vertical pattern so you don't see "tiger striping." Wait 15 Min. Check that your paint is dry, and give one gentle wipe with a lint-free towel to remove dust. Step 3: Apply Clearcoat Spray your clear coat form a distance of about 10 to 12 inches. Apply multiple thin coats. Frequently look closely at the bumper to check that you haven't missed any spots or that maybe you've applied too much in some areas and need to back off. Wait 6 Hours If you put on too much clearcoat and it made a run, sand it flat with wet, 600 grit sandpaper. Then apply a small amount of base coat paint over the area, and re-apply clear coat. Step 4: Remove old bumper cover With a little searching, you can find instructions online for removing the front or rear bumper for most makes and models of car. Whether you can find directions for your car or not, removing a bumper always requires that you locate and remove a combination of body clips, bolts, and screws. Watch as I remove the rear bumper cover from this 2003 Honda Odyssey. Step 5: Mount new bumper cover. Mounting your new bumper is as simple as removing your bumper, in reverse. If there's any trim that needs to be installe don the insdie of your new bumper, transfer those pieces now. You can drop off yoru old bumper at the nearest auto body shop to have it recycled. Okay, so the color match and paint coverage on this bumper is excellent. And you can get results like this out of a spray can with our materials and process. The job took about 3 hours and cost $400 in parts and materials. Most body shops would charge about $800, so I've saved $400, didn't have to file an insurance claim, and I didn't lose my car for a few days. Get all the stuffed used in this video at scratchwizard.net and start your bumper replacement project, today.

Accessing 2015 Honda Odyssey License Plate Light for LED Swap
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2012 Honda Odyssey DYI 3-way LED strips rear bumper reflectors
2012 Honda Odyssey DYI 3-way LED strips rear bumper reflectors, The Turn-Signal has over-ride Brake and Parking Light. And LED Turn-Signals & Reverse CREE with SMD5050 LED.

New '14 Cree Fog & DRL & Turn Signals leds Honda Odyssey 2012
New '14 Cree Fog & DRL & Turn Signals leds Honda Odyssey 2012. It was time to upgrade some new Cree & 5730 SMD Leds. Also added new DRL Relay Harness to Fog light.