STi vs R33 GT-R in America

This was a video that I recorded a ways back (09?) of my friend's staged Subaru WRX STi vs a Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R. This was filmed in America, in New Hampshire near the White Mountains. The GT-R had approx. 380 whp at the time of the footage. Skylines are a rare sight in the United States, especially heavily modified ones willing to race on mountain highways!! :P Enjoy!

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Went to go tune a friends s13 with a sr20 and the guy had this thing sitting at his shop!!!! A R33 Skyline GTR in the USA, I was so stoked to see it!!! A guy gave it to him, in exchange for him to tune a bunch of cars for him. I couldn't believe I finally got to see one!!! cant believe i saw a R33 Skyline GTR in the USA anyways check out the takeover page for awesome import drifting

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