Tim Zimmer - twicks69 - 10.278 @ 136.19MPH - 2009 Import Wars #6 @ GLD. 640AWHP

Tim Zimmer - twicks69 - 10.278 @ 136.19mph / 1.516 60' 30psi - 640AWHP low-Boost map. 1st time at track in 2 years! Borg Warner S400SX3 74mm on 7-Bolt 2.3L Stroker 4G63. 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX Street Car. www.tmzperformance.com www.beyondredline.com

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835AWHP/597TQ @ 46psi - twicks69 Tim Zimmer 7-bolt 4G63 1999 Eclipse www.tmzperformance.com
46psi on dying Borg Warner S400SX3 74mm turbo on aluminum rod 7-bolt 2.3L 4G63 on AWD Dynojet Dyno. TMZ Performance; www.tmzperformance.com.

9.9@152 DSM Shootout 2012
Tim Zimmer TMZ Performance Qualify #1 in DSE class

Tim Zimmer - twicks69 - 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse - 2009 Import Wars #7 In-Car videos!
TMZ Performance - Tim Zimmer October 2009 Import Wars #7 at GLD (Great Lakes Dragaway, Union Grove, WI) Five 10-second passes back to back on 30psi on safe tune. Highest MPH of the day was 144mph. The transmission took a hard mis-shift at the prior race causing shifting issues this time out. Oh well, transmission is refreshed and ready to go for 2010! I will also work out the bogging issue off the launch, as it really hindered the ET's for the day due to poor 60-foots all day long. www.tmzperformance.com

1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
Just a mix of my videos with some music. All the races with other cars was with the stock engine with 50 trim,later I got the 2.3 stroker but I sold it.