2004 350z vs 2008 Evo X

2004 350z vs 2008 Evo Both have intake, Exhaust, and tune. Not my Z... a friends. video was taken on a closed course in mexico!

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2003 Nissan 350z Vs Mitsubishi Evolution 10

2006 350z vs. EVO from dig...with cops
350z w full bolt ons vs evo with Exhaust and intake This was in Mexico of course on my vacation Wed night. Police were very polite.

AWDKNG [Tesoro Shoot] | EVO X | STI | 350Z |
AWDKNG aka Rome Martinez is leaving in a couple weeks to move to Brooklyn taking his daily driven EVO X. Thought we do a small video while we shoot our cars around in Tesoro and this was the result. Enjoy the video that includes a little cruise to the spot and then a couple shots once we get to the spot. Enjoy...

Custom Intakes vs Stillen Intakes Dyno - 2008 Nissan 350z
Had CIN Motorsports fab me up some custom 3" intakes for my HR, and retune the car for me to see what gains were there. The reason I didn't hit 303/272 like my other video, is because I have a 3.9 final drive in this vid, whereas I had a 3.5 (stock) final drive in the 303/272 run. With the 3.5 diff, who knows, numbers very well could be 317/282.