Tesla Model S Electric Car

http://www.johnchow.com The Tesla Model S is the only premium sedan engineered from the ground up as an electric car. It can seat five adults and two children. Model S will be offered with three battery pack options: 160-,230-, or 300-mile range. Tesla will begin delivering the Model S starting in mid-2012. The base US Model S with a 160 mile battery pack has an anticipated base price of $49,900 (after the $7500 federal rebate). Read the full review: http://www.johnchow.com/a-closer-look-at-the-tesla-model-s/

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Tesla Model S - Official Walkthrough HD
Will your next car be an electric one? Join the community on Facebook: http://fb.com/MyNextOne -- A detailed walkthrough through the Tesla Model S. Jump to chapters: - Key and Doors: 00:49, 1 minute - Front Trunk, Trunk, and Seats 01:40, 2 minutes - Charging 03:18, 3 minutes - Steering Wheel 06:50, 3 minutes - Touchscreen Status Bar and Charging Menu 10:07, 2 minutes - Homelink, Profiles and Bluetooth 11:53, 2 minutes - Driver Controls and All Glass Panoramic Roof, Part 1 13:33, 2 minutes - Driver Controls, Part 2 14:05, 2 minutes - Settings 17:32, 2 minutes - Heating and Ventilation 19:00, 1 minute - Introduction to Touchscreen Apps 19:40, 1 minute - Media 20:25, 3 minutes - Navigation 23:38, 2 minutes - Energy, Web, Back-up Camera and Phone 25:10, 2 minutes - Glove Compartment and Manuals 26:30, 1 minute Thanks for watching!

Electric car vs bike: Citroen Survolt vs Agni Z2
We've already shown video of Citroen's electric-powered Survolt concept car, and now it takes on an electric Agni Z2 motorcycle in the world's first electric cars vs bike showdown

Tesla Model S and Top 5 Electric Cars - In-depth Review
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"BLACK WIDOW" Model S P100D Ludicrous. Chrome delete and Xpel Ultimate by Bemaro SF
Paint Protection Film? How come I haven't heard of such product? Some may be asking what this is and why it's not common. Furthermore, it is rare to have someone show footage of such product being installed by HAND with a sharp BLADE! WHY? The answer is pretty straightforward but lets take a quick journey to understand.... Remember those leather nose bras that the automotive industry came out with years back? Those leather bras were supposed to protect your automotive paint from rock chips and road debris.... FAILURE!! It turned out that the leather nose bras were doing one of two things to factory paints: 1) Small dust particles and debris came between paint and nose bra and caused more damage than otherwise would have without it... OUCH!! 2) Reaction from the materials used to compose such leather product caused some clear coats to yellow.. YUCK!! SOLUTION: The automotive industry introduced PAINT PROTECTION FILMS! They are clear polyurethane films that range from 5 mil to 8 mil designed to protect your paint the right way! Now remember how ridiculous those leather bras looked anyways? Let's just say that there is a small percentage of consumers that feel the same way about PAINT PROTECTION FILMS that are pre-cut with computer software... YUCK!!! SOLUTION: BEMARO SPECIALTY FILMS It's not to say that i don't offer pre-cut kits... hell if you would like a leather nose bra, I'll install that for you too (with a disclaimer). But it is to say that if you are interested in having the best protection for your paint, without compromising appearance... I am your SOLUTION. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed my video! LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and CHECK OUT MORE!! Web: http://www.bemarofilms.com FB: https://www.facebook.com/BemaroSpecialtyFilms IG: http://instagram.com/bemarosf Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/bemaro-specialty-films-15 Music: Cassius Clay https://soundcloud.com/cassiusclaybeats http://instagram.com/cassiusclaybeats