Bugrod on fire

www.bugpeople.se Dont try this at home ;)

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Ratrod first roadtest..
www.bugpeople.se Första provkörningen av jonny. First roadtest by jonny.

Bugpeople Ratrod some more roadtesting.
Mer provkörning av jonny. More roadtesting by jonny. www.bugpeople.se

MINI pick up Bike engined Build part 3
five week into the build, sorry im late ith the update. take a Mini, chop it in half, ad 8" up the middle. chop the roof 4", ad a nissan Skyline rear end, don't fanny around just do it. need a big bike engine., and some 13" mags for the front, and some seats.

Volks Hot Rods
Hot Rods Radical Patrol