Stockholm Open 2011

Stockholm Open 2011 Tack Benjamin för att du bidrog med lite film!

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Stockholm Open 2012
Stockholm Open 2012

Team ascona 2007. Klart sevärd!!! = )
En film ifrån Fernis, som iof har några år på nacken nu men som ändå är klart sevärd. Team Ascona blev efter sina flertalet vinster i både S.O och Birka Cup smått legendariska på gatan.

Valhalla Cup 2 - RWD Revenge!
The second part of Valhalla Cup 2016! The AWD Audis has been dominating the small tire scene for some time but now there's a new kid on the block! Watch these high horsepower small tire cars battle the streets of Stockholm as they trying to keep away from the cops and get the race done before the time runs out! AWD Audis, turbo Bmw, LM7 big turbo Opel, BMW V8 powered turbo skyline and MORE! ----------------------------------------­--------------------------------- -------­---------------------------- FOLLOW KUNGKIMMOMEDIA AT: FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM - ----------------------------------------­--------------------------------- -------­------------------ Music by Epidemic Sound (

Nitrous Monza & TT Lsx Opel VS No Prep Big Tire Class
The competition at No Prep - Street Wars On Track is no joke! there's everything from a Twin turbo LSX powered Opel to Big Block Nitrous Chevys and Blown Mustang. The race took place at a bare asphalt landing strip just south of Stockholm. This was the second race at No Prep - Street Wars on Track. The rules are easy, first across the finish line wins, you have to drive your car back to the pits, NO TOWING and NO burnouts across the starting line. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- FOLLOW KUNGKIMMOMEDIA AT: FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM - --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- Music by Epidemic Sound (