Stockholm Open 2011

Stockholm Open 2011 Tack Benjamin för att du bidrog med lite film!

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Stockholm Open 2012
Stockholm Open 2012

STOCKHOLM OPEN 2013 Music Airbourne - live it up Pendulum - 9000 Miles Pendulum - The Tempest I do not own the rights for any of the music

Stockholm Open 2014
Stockholm Open is a "run what you brung - and hope you brought enough" kind of race. This video show you what happend that late August night in Stockholm when 35 cars competed to be crowned winner in Swedens most prestigious street race. The race started at 11:00 pm Friday and ended on 08:30 Saturday.

Stockholm Open 2015
This is Stockholm Open 2015! Run what you brung and hope you brought enough. That's what Stockholm open is all about. And the car has to run ALL night, in this event were anything goes it's important that you actually can drive your car between the various spots all over Stockholm as no trailers are allowed as soon as the race starts! The racers has to battle each other as well as the REAL cops who's always on the hunt for street racers. ( No racers were arrested during Stockholm Open though ;) ) 36 cars entered the race on friday evening and at saturday morning only two cars were left to race as the sun rises over Stockholm. Sit back relax and enjoy the madness that is Stockholm Open! A huge thanks to our friends at 1320video for sharing footage