Audi 90 quattro on the motorway

This is my current Audi 90 quattro, filmed by a mate, on the way to ADI in 2006.

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audi 90 dyno 2,3 20v 7A
audi 90 7A quattro Dyno 154KM 220Nm

Audi 80 20valve #1
Audi 80 quattro with 20valbe conversion, complete with ported and polished head, stainless steel Exhaust and 90 quattro 20 valve sport suspension (with koni top adjustable front dampers) and Pro mount top mounts.

Wintertreffen in Tirol Video 5
Audi-80-Scene Erstes Wintertreffen in Tirol bei Mash-Auditeile Audi 90 Quattro zieht S4 aus dem Schnee

Audi 90 quattro- North Wales- in the tunnels....
From the North Wales Run 2008- taken by Phil (number #1 video)- apologies for the wind noise on the camera...