Wipeout HD Flatland Flyer trophy

This is the Flatland Flyer trophy for Wipeout HD. I had already gotten the trophy before filming this so it doesn't show up on the video. PSN ID = Daitheflu

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WipEout HD - Moa Therma - Flatland Flyer Trophy
More WipEout HD Videos to come :)

Wipeout HD - Flatland Flyer Trophy
Trophy for Wipeout HD Description: "Execute and land a successful barrel roll on Moa Therma".

Wipeout HD Fury: Hidden trophies
Just some hidden trophies in the game Wipeout HD Fury. Hope this helps you out in getting closer to the platinum trophy =] My PSN ID is Acousticguy92 if you wanna play online on this or COD MW2 =]

Flatland Flyer
Flatland Flyer Trophy: Execute and land a successful barrel roll on Moa Therma. Whilst it is perfectly possible to get the Barrel Roll without a turbo on any speed class, it's much easier with a turbo at slower speeds. Music: Ben Frost - Through The Glass Of The Roof