Wipeout HD Flatland Flyer trophy

This is the Flatland Flyer trophy for Wipeout HD. I had already gotten the trophy before filming this so it doesn't show up on the video. PSN ID = Daitheflu

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Petit Le Mans - Road Atlanta - Sept. 26, 2009 (HD)
About 4 minutes of footage I shot at the 2009 Petit Le Mans. Race was stopped a little over 4 hours into it on account of rain. I had only filmed from 3 spots at that point so there isn't too much variety in the action. This was the first real use of my new Canon HF S-100. I've edited out my shaky footage (no tripod) but have not altered the video otherwise.

Wipeout HD Fury Soundtrack (The Touch - Le Night Dominator)
One of the new songs on WipEout HD from the Fury expansion. WipEout HD soundtrack (Collected together by myself, Enjoy :] ) http://www25.zippyshare.com/v/98645077/file.html

WipEout - The Teams
A full history of all the teams in the Wipeout series. Thanks go out to Damon Fairclough and Rob Foxx for writing the official material. Below are timelinks to the various teams. You can also use the links in the contents page in the video. FEISAR - 01:15 AG Systems (and G-Tech) - 05:36 Auricom - 10:03 Qirex (and Tigron) - 15:09 Piranha - 20:32 Assegai - 25:08 Goteki45 - 28:26 Icaras - 31:27 Van-Uber - 34:48 Harimau - 36:41 Triakis - 39:06 EG.X (and EG.r & Xios) - 42:10 Mirage - 45:14

the evolution of wipE'out''
this is the evolution of the antigrav future racing game wipeout from psygnosis showing the intro/opening sequences from wipE'out'' on the psx til wipE'out'' HD for playstation3. propably for lovers only :)