Wipeout HD Flatland Flyer trophy

This is the Flatland Flyer trophy for Wipeout HD. I had already gotten the trophy before filming this so it doesn't show up on the video. PSN ID = Daitheflu

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Wipeout HD - Hardest Metal Known to Man
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Wipeout HD!...
HQ: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdifuZtFHMc&fmt=18 ... recorded in SD cuz I'm poor and can't record in HD. =( And yes, I dunno how to play wipeout so I eat walls like crazy. =( That makes me sad, so I'm putting random bad euro-beat in the game so everyone suffers too.

WipEout HD - Moa Therma - Flatland Flyer Trophy
More WipEout HD Videos to come :)

WipEout HD - Flatland Flyer
Someone requested me to make a video on how to get the Flatland Flyer trophy on WipEout HD. Flatland Flyer - Execute and land a successful barrel roll on Moa Therma Done it on my first go, you don't see me unlock the trophy since I already have it. Here is the set up of the mode; Racebox Speed Lap (Venom) Moa Therma I am using the Feisar ship, you can do it on any ship I used it because it was the first ship.