Wipeout HD Flatland Flyer trophy

This is the Flatland Flyer trophy for Wipeout HD. I had already gotten the trophy before filming this so it doesn't show up on the video. PSN ID = Daitheflu

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WipEout HD - Supersonic in 1080p 60FPS
Gameplay of Zone mode in WipEout HD, recorded in 1080p 60FPS using the Elgato HD60. In this footage, I reached Zone 75 (Supersonic) on Syncopia. Reaching Zone 75 unlocks the trophy "Zone Zeus," which I already obtained prior to this gameplay. I could have gotten past Zone 75 probably, but I haven't played this game in awhile, and I made a few dumb errors in this run (dat barrel roll tho? lol).

Wipeout 2097 Vs. Wipeout HD
Wipeout is without doubt one of my favourite racing series ever, and it was truly a sad day when Sony decided to close down Studio Liverpool. So, just for fun, I thought I'd do a little comparison video of how Wipeout used to look on the PS1 compared to today on the PS3. I cut between the games after each lap. First up is Wipeout 2097 played on PSX (PS1 emulator). The course is Gare D'Europa on Rapier speed. Next up is Wipeout HD Fury on the PS3. The course is Anulpha Pass also played on Rapier (I chickened out of selecting Phantom on them both - I'm a bit rusty at both games and it would've just been a video of me crashing a lot). Now, it's worth just pointing out here that my video capture has murdered the visual quality of the PS3 version - I can only capture in standard definition through an RGB cable, if I could properly capture the game in it's HD loveliness you'd see a big difference in just how much better the PS3 version looks. Having said that though, I reckon Wipeout 2097 still looks great today and really gives a great sensation of speed for such an old game. Stylistically, I think Wipeout 2097 is also absolutely awesome. The whole look and feel of the game, thanks to the Designers Republic and the amazing techno soundtrack, was very much unlike anything you'd seen before. In many ways, back in the day, I preferred it's look over that of Wip3out, although that too was a great game (and having recently given Wipeout 3: Special Edition a go for the first time, again via the wonders of emulation, I'm amazed by just how much content is in the game; The original 8 Wip3out courses, another 8 tracks from the first two Wipeout games, 4 prototype tracks and 2 additional prototype drag racing circuits. Amazing! Oh, I did I mention it just happens to have one of the most bitchin' soundtracks ever?)

WipEout - The Teams
A full history of all the teams in the Wipeout series. Thanks go out to Damon Fairclough and Rob Foxx for writing the official material. Below are timelinks to the various teams. You can also use the links in the contents page in the video. FEISAR - 01:15 AG Systems (and G-Tech) - 05:36 Auricom - 10:03 Qirex (and Tigron) - 15:09 Piranha - 20:32 Assegai - 25:08 Goteki45 - 28:26 Icaras - 31:27 Van-Uber - 34:48 Harimau - 36:41 Triakis - 39:06 EG.X (and EG.r & Xios) - 42:10 Mirage - 45:14

WipEout - Through the Ages - Intro Movies
This video takes a look back at the evolution of the in-game intro movies. Many thanks to Studio Liverpool for granting permission to use them