Lincoln Mercury Commerical 1970 Pt 1

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1974 Lincoln Mercury Full Car Line Commercial
Here's some trivia, 78% of all Mercury Marquis were sold with Vinyl Roofs! Marquis was the full sized car, Montego was the midsized intermediate and Comet was the compact entry. Cougar was all new for 1974 and frankly, they ruined the car that year. It left the Pony Car field and became a Personal Luxury Intermediate class car.

1970 Lincoln Continental Mark III Maroon Renn101412
Nice Continental hardtop! The maroon exterior and black vinyl top look very nice with the black interior. Very formal, the signature stand up grille in front, the hidden headlamps, the decklid with the spare "bulge" as a styling trick.

1970 Lincoln Continental Sedan Commerical

1970 Lincoln Continental - Sound of new dual exhaust
It's FAR from being as loud as I was foretold by Exhaust professionals. note: these are the 73 tail lights.