Trouble shooting brake caliper issues

Sectionalizing which brake is over heating due to a sticking caliper.

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Brake caliper rebuild
Front brake caliper overhaul rebuild Honda civic Ireland

Stuck Brake Caliper or Bad Rubber Brake Line
Stuck Brake Caliper or Bad Rubber Brake Line. Make sure the brake caliper is what is stuck and not trouble with the rubber flex line. In this video I try and show how I determine if the brake caliper is stuck, the slides are stuck ,or a rubber flex line is causing the issue. If you try and push the piston back in the caliper by sticking a screwdriver in and pulling,it will give you a good indication of what the issue is. You may also need to loosen a bleeder or a banjo bolt to test the line . By relieving brake fluid pressure , if the brake caliper goes in easy then chances is the rubber flex line is the issue. Thanks for watching,rating,commenting and subscribing car repair

How to lubricate caliper slider pins
Loosen caliper mounting bolts & slider pins , remove caliper, grease slider pins, re-assemble

Why Your Car Shakes When You Brake "Shake'n Brake!"
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