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7.5" Gauge Live Steam Locomotive

Just a few clips of MiniAcresRR #5, a wood burning 2.5" scale 7.5" gauge live steam locomotive in Apex, NC at a private train track.


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2.5" Scale Live Steam Locomotive
A few clips of engineer Reid Sipe behind MiniAcres RR #5, a wood-burning 2.5" scale 7.5" gauge live steam locomotive. This was taken in Apex, NC on April 24, 2009.

Mill Creek Central - Valley Division - II - back yard live steam track train locomotive railroad
More Mill Creek Central : http://www.lezebre.eu/hobby/live%20steam%20track/photo%20gallery%20live%20s team%20track%20003.htm My 260 live steam locomotive on a nice scenic journey at Mill Creek Central. This is part two: Valley division. A lot of live steam action. Two miles of track (half of total). Many buildings, side lines, geant yard. One of the best in the nation. Track is 7.5" gauge 1.5" scale. Reference: live steam 3

Sumpter Valley Railway #3 Heisler
Wood burning Heisler geared steam locomotive on Sumpter Valley Railway in Oregon.

Mini Acres RR - 7.5" guage locomotive
This was the first locomotive tested on the first section of track at Mini Acres RR. The locomotive is a 1.5" scale 7.5" gauge diesel replica powered by a gasoline engine over hydraulic system. In this clip you can see this diesel being driven on about 700' of completed track including a pass through a 120' tunnel.

Steam Trains at Speed
Steam trains at speed, you gotta love 'em. Whether they be roaring through a busy station, or pounding through the open countryside. This video showcases most of the clips I have taken over the past three and a half years, of steam dashing across England and a little bit of Wales too. Locomotives featured in this video include the likes of: 60163 'Tornado', 5043 'Earl of Mount Edgcumbe', 70013 'Oliver Cromwell', 34067 'Tangmere', 4464 'Bittern', 6024 'King Edward I', 6201 'Princess Elizabeth', 70000 'Britannia', 35028 'Clan Line', 44871, 45407 'The Lancashire Fusilier', 4965 'Rood Ashton Hall', 60009 'Union of South Africa', 9466, 5029 'Nunney Castle', 34046 'Braunton', and 46233 'Duchess of Sutherland'. Enjoy!

Perrygrove Miniature Railway - Vintage Trains Afternoon - 24/09/11
As with last year, after visiting the Alan Keef Ltd Open Day we visited the Perrygrove Miniature Railway for their vintage trains day. This was to be a much bigger event than last year as there would be four steam locomotives in service, three diesels and forty trains operating throughout the day on their 1 1/2 mile return trip. The locomotives operating were: - 0-6-0T 'Spirit Of Adventure' built in 1993 by the Exmoor Steam Railway - 0-6-0T 'Ursula' built in 1999 by James Waterfield, working the vintage trains. (She had just been retubed and got her new boiler certificate the day before) - 2-6-2T 'Lydia' built in 2008 by Alan Keef Ltd - 0-4-0+0-4-0 K1 Garratt built by the Bush Mill Railway (Unfortunately she was later to fail and was taken back to the shed) - 4wDH 'Jubilee' built in 1998 by Hunslet - 0-4-0D 'Workhorse' built in 1963 by Motor Rail of Bedford - 0-4-0D Lister Railtruck no.54181 built in 1964 Shots included in this video are: - K1 rolling down the gradient heading to Perrygrove - 'Ursula' charging up the 1:30 gradient from Heywood Station up to Oakiron Station. - K1 moving off her train at Perrygrove to take on water, 'Jubilee' is also seen whilst 'Workhorse' & the Lister Railtruck bring out the rail train, K1 then moves off onto the opposite line to head back into the shed. - 'Ursula' arriving into Perrygrove Station whilst 'Lydia' can be heard charging up the gradient. - 'Spirit Of Adventure' & 'Lydia' are seen rolling down the first of the three long curves on the line after leaving Oakiron, afterwords 'Workhorse' and the Lister Railtruck are seen heading the opposite way. They are then seen returning under the footbridge. - 'SoA' is seen climbing up the gradient. Then only just making it, seen arriving into Oakiron Station then departing, only just making it again she is seen through the trees rolling down to Perrygrove. - 'Ursula' passing through Heywood Station then seen rolling down the gradient. - 'Lydia' & 'SoA' climbing up the gradient to Oakiron. - Back at Perrygrove 'Lydia' moves off to the shed and 'SoA' follows suit. The two are seen with K1 outside the shed, being cleaned after a long days work. - 'Ursula' is seen shunting stock for a train for railway staff and family, then for the last time of the day is seen climbing up the gradient once again. Then seen from the shed at Perrygrove (I was given permission to step into the yard and take this shot). Filmed on a Panasonic HDC-HS60 HD Camcorder Enjoy

A rare view of an ancient Narrow Gauge oil burnin' steam locomotive as we race the "Sugar Cane Train" on Maui on the KLR650 at a whopping 10 mph as she lets off some steam. Interview with the first female engineer to run the train. A look behind the scenes back at the shop to see what it takes to keep a small railroad going.

Shay Locomotive Cab Ride - Westside Lumber 12
Shay Days at the Colorado Railroad Museum - more info at http://www.coloradorailroadmuseum.org/

5 inch Gauge Freelance 4-10-2 "Innovare" Live steam
"Innovare" is based on 9F running gear weighing in at 360 pounds which gives the engine amazing pulling power. The boiler is silver soldered with four one inch diameter superheater flues, 24 half inch diameter flue tubes and a 100psi working pressure. Feed by twin injectors with steam-operated water valves. Variable blast nozzle, with Exhaust diverter allowing the blast nozzle to be by-passed under light load conditions, with the fire controlled entirely by the blower. Cylinders are in cast iron with piston valves actuated by Walschaert's gear with pole reverser in the cab. The reverser has notches for all forward gear positions, with a hinged gate and interlocking lever which prevents reverse being inadvertently engaged - all parts are in silver steel, heat treated. There is a cylinder pre-heat valve in the cab. Wheels run in needle roller bearings - there are no horn blocks, the axles run in cannon boxes sandwiched between substantial frame spacers with lateral control by a central spigot. The engine is comprehensively equipped with lubricators, gathered into functional groups. The cab is comrehensively fitted out and includes - along with the more usual controls - lubricator line pressure gauge, external air blower valve (for starting), vacuum limit valve, variable blast control, Exhaust diverter valve and hand pump stop valve. There is a large chime whistle fitted horizontally under the locomotive which produces a fine note. Compensated vacuum braking to all coupled wheels, with vacuum ejector and brake valve for train.

1/3 scale Darjeeling Himalayan Railway B-Class Steam Locomotive in 7.25" gauge
This beautiful locomotive was built by John Heald of Rotorua, New Zealand. In this video we take the B-Class out for a typical day at the track, including a sequence of loading the engine onto a custom made trailer towed behind a Honda Jazz (Fit) with CVT. Then it's off to the beautiful River Edge Park Railway in Whakatane, New Zealand. We also take a look at stability of this remarkable locomotive under high speeds using on board cameras. Special adjustable Danly coil springs prevent the locomotive from porpoising; the leaf springs are dummy and just for show. Plans and castings will be made available for this locomotive, if you are interested check out our website at www.sonadaworks.com.

Bitter Creek Narrow Gauge Meet 2008
It's a big country! 2 1/2" and 3 3/4" scale live steam locomotives on the finest private track in California. HD version: http://www.vuze.com/details/EVKC5NKYJ5I3ZUFIMQJPI4YFLJ4C5IWM.html

5 inch Gauge 6233 Duchess of Sutherland Live Steam Locomotive Tour of Urmston (Princess Coronation)
A lap of Urmston & District Model Engineering Societies track in Abbotsfield Park during their May Steam Weekend 2014. A magnificent exhibition quality 5" gauge model of the Princess Coronation class locomotive "DUCHESS OF SUTHERLAND" LMS 6233 built by G & N Gregson 1994. This finely detailed model is finished in LMS maroon with numerous details including horizontally mounted whistle, makers plate "LMS Built 1938 Crewe", shedplate 1B (Camden) thus depicting the locomotive in its preservation livery, smokebox numberplate, sprung buffers, fully detailed front couplings with vacuum pipes, twin chimney, front lamp brackets and smoke deflectors; the cab interior is finished to a high standard with functional gauges and many prototypical controls and detailing including wooden floor panels. The tender has function hand brake and water pickup with plates to rear "LMS No. 9751 1938" and " Water Capacity 4000 Gallons". Overall the is model is 81" (203cm) long and comes with bespoke oak display stand 89" (226cm) long bearing brass plaque "LMS Princess Coronation Class Passenger Locomotive, Built Crewe 1938, 4 Cylinders 16½" x 28", Driving wheels 6' 9" dia, Boiler pressure 250 psi, Weight 105 tons, Tractive effort 40000 lbs".

live steam Pennsylvania PRR Q2 Prototype model train Mill Creek Central duplex
Featured a live steam locomotive, close replica of the prototype Q2 number 6131 from the Pennsylvania PRR. This is a duplex locomotive, that means that four cylinders are on the same rigid frame. This is a model train in 7.5 gauge, scale 1/8th. The locomotive is filmed at Mill Creek Central. It took 7 years to build the model Reference: live steam 064 mill creek q2 duplex pa

House With Scale Steam Train
My dad built this train about 40 years ago (though he just rebuilt it, and the stock car is brand new). The track for its current location (around our house in Casper, WY), was put in close to 30 years ago. I've since moved, but he just sent me some footage of he and my brother running it again, so I edited a couple minutes of it together. This is the real thing; it runs on coal and water. I definitely recommend the high quality version of the video.

5 inch Gauge BR Standard Class 7 70000 Britannia Live Steam Locomotive
Eleven long years in the making but Jack's Lovely fine scale scratch built Britannia makes it's inaugural run at Walton Park. This is a highly detailed but functional model, all the detail is scratch made with no use of lost wax castings or shop bought fittings.

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