7.5" Gauge Live Steam Locomotive

Just a few clips of MiniAcresRR #5, a wood burning 2.5" scale 7.5" gauge live steam locomotive in Apex, NC at a private train track.

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Pt. 3 - 12 inch gauge live steam, Home-built Shay locomotive
PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION.... This video was shot in 1999 on a live steam railroad in Ann Arbor, MI. The line was built as a narrow gauge line. The track was 12 inch gauge and the equipment was built to 1/3 scale. There was about a mile of track through a valley next to the house. There was also a line being built around the house, that was never finished because the owner passed away. The rail line through and around the valley was torn out after the land was sold to a developer. The line around the house was being built to replace that. The locomotives included two Shay locomotives that, except for the boilers were home built. The other two engines were 4-4-0's that were bought second hand. Those engines will be seen in a future video. The shays had steam brakes just like the real ones did / do. There was also provision to add air brakes, but that never happened.

Swanton Pacific Railroad Live Steam 19" gauge
Swanton Pacific Railroad owned by Cal Poly University, featuring Pacifics built by Louis MacDermot for the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition in San Francisco, CA. Now residing in Swanton, CA on the former ranch of Al Smith, proprietor of Orchard Supply Hardware.

Mini Acres RR - 7.5" guage locomotive
This was the first locomotive tested on the first section of track at Mini Acres RR. The locomotive is a 1.5" scale 7.5" gauge diesel replica powered by a gasoline engine over hydraulic system. In this clip you can see this diesel being driven on about 700' of completed track including a pass through a 120' tunnel.

Preparing A Live Steam Locomotive HD
This brief film shows you how a Live Steam Locomotive is prepared for use. In essence the locomotive burns gas instead of the more traditional coal, which heats water creating steam "pressure" which is then used to move the loco. Always read any literature supplied with any locomotive you purchase, Safety is always paramount especially when gas, naked flames and pressurised containers are present.