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7.5" Gauge Live Steam Locomotive

Just a few clips of MiniAcresRR #5, a wood burning 2.5" scale 7.5" gauge live steam locomotive in Apex, NC at a private train track.


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WRC Video #16.1 - Impressive 15 in. Gauge Railways
John Rimmasch visits two impressive 15 inch gauge railroads. The first in Steelville, MO is the ATT&NW railroad where WRC was able to feature four operating Cagney Class D locomotives. John then flies across the Atlantic to visit the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch railway in Kent, England to discuss the transition to a younger generation of railway enthusiasts.

Perrygrove Miniature Railway - Vintage Trains Afternoon - 24/09/11
As with last year, after visiting the Alan Keef Ltd Open Day we visited the Perrygrove Miniature Railway for their vintage trains day. This was to be a much bigger event than last year as there would be four steam locomotives in service, three diesels and forty trains operating throughout the day on their 1 1/2 mile return trip. The locomotives operating were: - 0-6-0T 'Spirit Of Adventure' built in 1993 by the Exmoor Steam Railway - 0-6-0T 'Ursula' built in 1999 by James Waterfield, working the vintage trains. (She had just been retubed and got her new boiler certificate the day before) - 2-6-2T 'Lydia' built in 2008 by Alan Keef Ltd - 0-4-0+0-4-0 K1 Garratt built by the Bush Mill Railway (Unfortunately she was later to fail and was taken back to the shed) - 4wDH 'Jubilee' built in 1998 by Hunslet - 0-4-0D 'Workhorse' built in 1963 by Motor Rail of Bedford - 0-4-0D Lister Railtruck no.54181 built in 1964 Shots included in this video are: - K1 rolling down the gradient heading to Perrygrove - 'Ursula' charging up the 1:30 gradient from Heywood Station up to Oakiron Station. - K1 moving off her train at Perrygrove to take on water, 'Jubilee' is also seen whilst 'Workhorse' & the Lister Railtruck bring out the rail train, K1 then moves off onto the opposite line to head back into the shed. - 'Ursula' arriving into Perrygrove Station whilst 'Lydia' can be heard charging up the gradient. - 'Spirit Of Adventure' & 'Lydia' are seen rolling down the first of the three long curves on the line after leaving Oakiron, afterwords 'Workhorse' and the Lister Railtruck are seen heading the opposite way. They are then seen returning under the footbridge. - 'SoA' is seen climbing up the gradient. Then only just making it, seen arriving into Oakiron Station then departing, only just making it again she is seen through the trees rolling down to Perrygrove. - 'Ursula' passing through Heywood Station then seen rolling down the gradient. - 'Lydia' & 'SoA' climbing up the gradient to Oakiron. - Back at Perrygrove 'Lydia' moves off to the shed and 'SoA' follows suit. The two are seen with K1 outside the shed, being cleaned after a long days work. - 'Ursula' is seen shunting stock for a train for railway staff and family, then for the last time of the day is seen climbing up the gradient once again. Then seen from the shed at Perrygrove (I was given permission to step into the yard and take this shot). Filmed on a Panasonic HDC-HS60 HD Camcorder Enjoy

live steam model train railroad locomotive track 7.5" gauge 1.5" scale miniature
More live steam videos at: http://www.lezebre.eu/hobby/live%20steam%20track/photo%20gallery%20live%20s team%20track%20001.htm My 260 live steam Little Engine making a loop at the Cinder Sniffers track. Track 7.5" gauge 1.5" scale.

Live Steam Kid in HD
A friend's kid running my 0-6-0 Live Steamer (only after I've taken a test lap myself on the rough, portable "lawn" track...) It's not often that I get to be a passenger on my own train! Here, in the beginning of the video, you can also see how easy it is to transform one of my prototype-like wooden coaches to a passenger carrying car. Also, some TIG welding of a truck for new rolling stock. Note how "clean" TIG welding is - no smoke, sparks or slag - just melting and fusing the steel pieces together... Instead of subtitles, here's a short note about the audio: At 1 min. 30 sec. or so we are talking about the water pumps and bypass valves. I'm checking the water gauge, and my friend asks "Don't you trust the pumps?" and I reply that I want to look at the setting of the bypass valve. While TIG welding, I warn everybody not to look into the arc, and that the video camera won't be damaged by it. When explaining to the older boy how I am fusing the steel parts together, he replies, behind his mask: "I can feel the heat"... For more info about Live Steam, see my website: http://sparetimelabs.com/animato/animato/steam/

Steam in the Rockies - Eureka & Palisade 4-4-0 #4 on the Durango & Silverton
Now available on Blu-ray & DVD: Steam in the Rockies Vol. 1 - The Durango & Silverton http://www.steamtrainvideos.com Eureka and Palisade 4-4-0 #4 runs for possibly the last time during the 2012 Railfest on the Durango and Silverton. An authentic 1875 Baldwin built wood-burner, the 'Eureka' was lovingly restored to operation in 1991 by owner Dan Markoff. In 2013 the locomotive will be due for its FRA 15 year / 1472 day inspection and may not operate in Colorado again. August 17-19, 2012 http://www.steamtrainvideos.com

House With Scale Steam Train
My dad built this train about 40 years ago (though he just rebuilt it, and the stock car is brand new). The track for its current location (around our house in Casper, WY), was put in close to 30 years ago. I've since moved, but he just sent me some footage of he and my brother running it again, so I edited a couple minutes of it together. This is the real thing; it runs on coal and water. I definitely recommend the high quality version of the video.

Butterley Park Miniature Railway
I'd forgotten about this footage! It was from my first outing with my then-new camcorder, so it's not brilliant, sorry. The Butterley Park Miniature Railway is a combined 3 1/2 inch and 5 inch gauge railway, which usually uses 5 inch gauge stock. It is a little hidden away at the Swanwick Junction station at the Midland Railway Centre in Derbyshire. On the day I went, the only loco operating was the diesel you see here, as it was a quiet day. On busier days more locos run, including steam engines. The weather was a little damp when I filmed this, hence the towels on the seats! It didn't dampen everyone's enthusiasm though :-) A very friendly bunch of people, and a great little runaround. The long straight section is a significant uphill gradient for the little locos, so they can really show their prowess when they want to! Well worth a visit :-)

Bitter Creek Western Live Steam Narrow Gauge Meet 2007
2 1/2" scale live steam locomotives at Bitter Creek Western in Arroyo Grande, CA. For an HD 720P version, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xq6U-wbgOQ&fmt=22

Florida Wood Burning Steam Train
Footage of Orange Blossom Canonball, a steam train excursion in Tavares Florida. The locomotive is lettered for the railroad Tavares Eustis and Gulf and is one of the few active standard gauge wood burning steam engines in the USA. The engine was in movies such as "True Grit," "3:10 to Yuma," and "Appaloosa." This video includes runby and cabride footage from Tavares to Lake Jem. For more info on the steam engine see the site below: http://www.orangeblossomcannonball.com/ All footage was recorded by Jared Davis of Whistlepost Productions

7.25in Gauge Live Steam action during Parklands Week 2011
The annual Parklands Week when members of the 71/4in Gauge Society meet on the Parklands Railway in norfolk, UK for a week-long miniature steam & electric loco festival.

Live Steam West Valley Consolidation 2-8-0 first steam trial
A friend's 2-8-0 that started as a pile of parts from a 30 year old group build project by the West Valley Live Steamers. It is oil fired. In the video you can observe unloading, filling of water and fuel, oiling around, firing up and running. The ballast hoppers were partially full of sand for a heavy load. It had no problem pulling them. There are some fire issues, piston valve blowby issues, timing issues and a few other bugs to work out but it ran the first time. Tests were carried out at the Sagebrush Short Line Railroad in Ridgecrest, CA.

1/3 scale Darjeeling Himalayan Railway B-Class Steam Locomotive in 7.25" gauge
This beautiful locomotive was built by John Heald of Rotorua, New Zealand. In this video we take the B-Class out for a typical day at the track, including a sequence of loading the engine onto a custom made trailer towed behind a Honda Jazz (Fit) with CVT. Then it's off to the beautiful River Edge Park Railway in Whakatane, New Zealand. We also take a look at stability of this remarkable locomotive under high speeds using on board cameras. Special adjustable Danly coil springs prevent the locomotive from porpoising; the leaf springs are dummy and just for show. Plans and castings will be made available for this locomotive, if you are interested check out our website at www.sonadaworks.com.

Live Steam Trains TCME Fall 2008 Blowdown Run
Get this video on DVD: http://www.lulu.com/content/digital-video-disc/live-steam-trains-tcme-2006- 2008/8811247 Steamers were out in full force for the Tonawanda Creek Model Engineers Fall 2008 Blowdown Run!

15" Gauge Crown Live Steam Locomotive For Sale
Running at the Hillcrest & Wahtoke.

Union Pacific 3977 4-6-6-4 Challenger Class Live Steam
Watch this 4-6-6-4 Union Pacific Challenger run around Orange County Model Engineers.

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