7.5" Gauge Live Steam Locomotive

Just a few clips of MiniAcresRR #5, a wood burning 2.5" scale 7.5" gauge live steam locomotive in Apex, NC at a private train track.

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Flintridge & Portola Valley - firing up the bumblebee #268 - live steam
In this bonus footage we fire up and run the #268 bumblebee

live steam model train railroad locomotive track 7.5" gauge 1.5" scale Heavenly Hill D&RGW K-27
More live steam videos at: http://www.lezebre.eu/hobby/live%20steam%20track/photo%20gallery%20live%20s team%20track%20001.htm My 260 live steam Little Engine at the Heavenly Hill Top railroad. Track 7.5" gauge 1.5" scale. This is a scenic track with steep hills. The first locomotive in the video is 2.5" scale on 7.5" gauge. It represents a D&RGW K-27 which is a 3' gauge locomotive. If it had a cab on it, that locomotive would look really large compared to the other locomotives in the video.

5 inch Gauge Freelance 4-10-2 "Innovare" Live steam
"Innovare" is based on 9F running gear weighing in at 360 pounds which gives the engine amazing pulling power. The boiler is silver soldered with four one inch diameter superheater flues, 24 half inch diameter flue tubes and a 100psi working pressure. Feed by twin injectors with steam-operated water valves. Variable blast nozzle, with Exhaust diverter allowing the blast nozzle to be by-passed under light load conditions, with the fire controlled entirely by the blower. Cylinders are in cast iron with piston valves actuated by Walschaert's gear with pole reverser in the cab. The reverser has notches for all forward gear positions, with a hinged gate and interlocking lever which prevents reverse being inadvertently engaged - all parts are in silver steel, heat treated. There is a cylinder pre-heat valve in the cab. Wheels run in needle roller bearings - there are no horn blocks, the axles run in cannon boxes sandwiched between substantial frame spacers with lateral control by a central spigot. The engine is comprehensively equipped with lubricators, gathered into functional groups. The cab is comrehensively fitted out and includes - along with the more usual controls - lubricator line pressure gauge, external air blower valve (for starting), vacuum limit valve, variable blast control, Exhaust diverter valve and hand pump stop valve. There is a large chime whistle fitted horizontally under the locomotive which produces a fine note. Compensated vacuum braking to all coupled wheels, with vacuum ejector and brake valve for train.

Mini Acres RR - 7.5" guage locomotive
This was the first locomotive tested on the first section of track at Mini Acres RR. The locomotive is a 1.5" scale 7.5" gauge diesel replica powered by a gasoline engine over hydraulic system. In this clip you can see this diesel being driven on about 700' of completed track including a pass through a 120' tunnel.