Vegeta's flashback

Vegeta's flashback. Scene from episode 089. I believe this flashback was only a filler, not sure.

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Raditz Tells Goku about the Saiyans - (Bruce Faulconer Broadcast Edit)
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Vegeta's Biggest Secret
Vegeta's Biggest Secret To see the full movie Click on the link eturn

Saiyan History (Level Set Blu-ray) 1080p
Saiyan History (Level Set Blu-ray) 1080p (Blu-ray Level Sets Scaled to 4K) Dragon ball z level 1.1 Super 1080p HD 1.1 2.1 2.2 blu ray DBZ Dragon box Vs Dragonball DB DBGT GT Evolution DBE Goku vegeta krillin bulma piccolo gohan space frieza

Dragon Ball Zero (The Origin of Raditz)
The Origin Story of Raditz Song by hansult: The full story (ENGLISH): Tweet @