Lexus ISF dynorun 1 on DynoDynamics

UPDATED Dyno results: switched to K&N typhoon intake kit + Joe Z PTS Exhaust Dyno'd 379.1whp 353 ft lbs tq on this same Dyno. JoeZ intake pipe and PTS Exhaust Dyno results: Lowest reading was 361rwhp 339 ft lbs of tq and highest of the day was 367rwhp and 343 ft lbs tq with Joe Z intake and Exhaust on DynoDynamics. Baseline stock run I did was 356rwhp and 333 ft lbs of tq stock. I was kind of dissapointed with the gains of 11hp and 10 lbs tq and I think I would of pulled better if the car was more cooled down as I drove straight to the Dynoshop in rush hr with no engine cool down time and straight on the Dyno. Also I just installed the intake yesterday with only 80 miles driven with it.

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Lexus ISF Dynorun 2 on Dynodynamics
Inside shot of speedometer hitting 280km on the Dyno in 6th gear.

2008 - 2012 Lexus IS F 5.0L V8 K&N Air Intake Installation K&N has designed a performance air intake system for the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 LEXUS IS F 5.0L V8. K&N dynamometer tests show an estimated 28.15 horsepower gain at 5900 rpm with use of this K&N air intake modification. K&N tests multiple vehicles for each air intake kit it makes to ensure a consistent horsepower and torque gain. Part 69-8703TS Product Specifications Product Style: 69 Series Typhoon Kits Estimated horsepower Gain: 22.45 HP @ 6145 RPM Replacement Filter: RT-4600 Street Legal In All US States: No 2012 LEXUS IS F 5.0L V8 F/I 2011 LEXUS IS F 5.0L V8 F/I 2010 LEXUS IS F 5.0L V8 F/I 2009 LEXUS IS F 5.0L V8 F/I 2008 LEXUS IS F 5.0L V8 F/I

Lexus ISF Dyno Run 2
Lexus ISF with Nitrous Tx2k10

2008-2012 LEXUS IS F Cold Air Intake System Kit K&N 69-8703 TS Information
2008-2012 LEXUS IS F Cold Air Intake System Kit K&N 69-8703 TS Information Typhoon Air Intake System 2008-12 Lexus IS-F 5.0L Silver +28.15 HP increase Not legal for street use in the following states: AZ, CA, CT, DC, MA, ME, MA, NJ, NM, NY, OR, PA, RI, VT, and WA. Features A washable/reusable high-flow filter element A heat shield to isolate cooler air from engine heat (most applications) Intake tubing Note: Some intake systems beginning with the prefixes 63-, 69-, 77-, and RK- are not legal for use in the state of California and other states adopting CARB emissions standards. Please check the individual part number/application for specific CARB status. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Follow JEGS High Performance for the latest Racing news, videos, pictures and content! Home Website: SUBSCRIBE to our: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Pinterest: Instagram: Tumblr: A family-owned company with a rich racing heritage and a passion for muscle cars and street rods. We have over 55 years of experience delivering the best high performance auto parts from the best brands. JEGS has a knowledgeable technical support staff, outstanding customer service, and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our warehouse is filled with millions of name brand auto parts ready for same-day shipping. • Free Shipping & Handling* On orders $30 and over - More Info • The Lowest Prices! If you find a lower price on the same item, change the price and buy • Order By 11pm EST for Same Day Shipping! Delivered fast to your door • Millions of Name Brand Products in Stock! Ready to assist you around the clock 24/7