Lexus ISF dynorun 1 on DynoDynamics

UPDATED Dyno results: switched to K&N typhoon intake kit + Joe Z PTS Exhaust Dyno'd 379.1whp 353 ft lbs tq on this same Dyno. JoeZ intake pipe and PTS Exhaust Dyno results: Lowest reading was 361rwhp 339 ft lbs of tq and highest of the day was 367rwhp and 343 ft lbs tq with Joe Z intake and Exhaust on DynoDynamics. Baseline stock run I did was 356rwhp and 333 ft lbs of tq stock. I was kind of dissapointed with the gains of 11hp and 10 lbs tq and I think I would of pulled better if the car was more cooled down as I drove straight to the Dynoshop in rush hr with no engine cool down time and straight on the Dyno. Also I just installed the intake yesterday with only 80 miles driven with it.

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Lexus ISF Dynorun 2 on Dynodynamics
Inside shot of speedometer hitting 280km on the Dyno in 6th gear.

Lexus ISF Dyno after Header and Full exhaust install from Auto Science
Lexis ISF being Dyno tested after installing a new header and full Exhaust at Auto Science in Carrollton, TX. Also a new intake pipe as well. Made 310.5 whp stock and after intake and Exhaust it made 336 WHP. Also now the car has a nice mean sound to it but not too loud to annoy you during daily driving. This Dyno reads lower than most Dynos but you can still see the difference that installing the Exhaust and intake make.

Project: ISF Leaves WekFest
The Five Axis Project: ISF leaves WekFest 2010. Cameo appearance by designer and builder Troy Sumitomo... :p

Lexus ISF Dyno Run 2
Lexus ISF with Nitrous Tx2k10