Lexus ISF dynorun 1 on DynoDynamics

UPDATED Dyno results: switched to K&N typhoon intake kit + Joe Z PTS Exhaust Dyno'd 379.1whp 353 ft lbs tq on this same Dyno. JoeZ intake pipe and PTS Exhaust Dyno results: Lowest reading was 361rwhp 339 ft lbs of tq and highest of the day was 367rwhp and 343 ft lbs tq with Joe Z intake and Exhaust on DynoDynamics. Baseline stock run I did was 356rwhp and 333 ft lbs of tq stock. I was kind of dissapointed with the gains of 11hp and 10 lbs tq and I think I would of pulled better if the car was more cooled down as I drove straight to the Dynoshop in rush hr with no engine cool down time and straight on the Dyno. Also I just installed the intake yesterday with only 80 miles driven with it.

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Lexus ISF Dynorun 2 on Dynodynamics
Inside shot of speedometer hitting 280km on the Dyno in 6th gear.

Joe Z Intake Exhaust IS F
Some quick clips with the new Joe-Z Intake/Exhaust for the IS-F. Sounds great.

Air Intake Installation for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012 LEXUS IS F 5.0L V8
See how easy it is to add a K&N air intake to the 2008 through 2012 LEXUS IS F 5.0L V8. K&N dynamometer tests show an estimated 22.45 horsepower gain at 6145 RPM with use of this K&N air intake modification.

Crossback Asian Arowana, Marble Motoro stingrays and others community Update 04/24/2012-HD
Remember to watch in HD quality. Please read the info details below. I have a question to ask everyone. Just an update on my monster fish community. Sold and removed 2 x Rotkeil Severums cuz I had too many of them then added 11+" Florida Gar and 2 x 7"-8" Geophagus Suranimensis from my other 85 gallon Geo tank. The Gar has been living in this tank for a month now. He's doing good with everyone else. Oh Btw guys I'm thinking of doing some surgery on my Arowana's tail to make it straight. Gonna sedate the fish with Clover Oil. Do you guys think I should risk it or leave it alone? Current Stock: 22+" DFI AA+ grade Crossback Saphire Golden Asian Aro 12" Female Marble Motoro Stingray 9" Male Marble Motoro Stingray 18" Male Ornate Bichir 16" Female Weeksii Bichir 15" Male Endlicheri Bichir 11" Florida Spotted Gar 8" Indonesian Tiger Datnoid 11" Satanoperca Daemon 2 x 7"-8" Geophagus Suranimensis 2 x 7"-8" Super Red Severum 2 x 5"-6" Turquoise/Green Severum 3 x 7"-8" Rotkeil Severum 9 x 6"-8" Clown Loach