World Racing 2 - Audi 90 quattro

i'm huge fan of quattro

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Audi 90 2 2T

World Racing 2 - Audi RS4
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World Racing 2
World Racing 2 Części Do Poloneza. WWW.WORLDRACING.FORA.PL

World Racing 2 [GAME!] - VW Vento testing + driving
Read it before asking stupid, useless or at least pointless questions!! Just driving the good ol' Vento over the italian roads in WR2 (World Racing 2) with my Logitech G25 (Rallyeshifting and just brake/gas pedals) You can get the mods at: If you have any questions about the Game, the car or whatever PM me, write a comment or whatever. If you comment on my profile, ill not answer as soon as you think ^^ I not often check out those comments. Whatever, like and comment if you want. I don't want to let the ''& Subscribe'' whore out like many other socalled ''Youtubers'' do it. Greets and have a nice day guys or ''Youtubers'' ;)