1997 pathfinder 3.3L 0-75mph

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Explorer and Pathfinder messing around in mud and wet hills
Some of you people are mindless. Why do you think the title has "Messing Around" in it? This isn't real off-roading. This is messing around because we were bored. You think that Explorer would go out there doing anything without a backup vehicle, even if I knew it could do it? No, of course not because of the fact that it's 2WD and shit happens. But living in Houston, that thing has seen more mud, dirt, and sand and had more fun in compared to most of the 4WD owners out here. Especially those always squeaky clean, lifted, bro trucks. The Pathfinder is 4WD. He obviously want's to mess around in 2WD. Who doesn't want a challenge? Can't have everything be easy. So go on, you can keep complaining of why that thing would even be out there as a 2WD. And while its out in places occasionally having its fun that it can handle, more than half of you can continue being keyboard warriors and complain without having any videos of your own to show for it.

1996 - 97 Nissan pathfinder promotional video

2006 Mud Run
My friend took his new Dodge Mega Cab pickup to the mountains to play in the mud. I took my 1999 Nissan Pathfinder up too.

Nissan Pathfinder acceleration (manual)
Nissan Pathfinder 2003 تسارع نيسان باثفندر 2003 عادي وكالة بدون تعديلات