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Audi A3 Baujahr 1997

Ein Rundgang um meinen Audi A3 Attraction Baujahr 1997. Daten: - 101 PS - 59.000 KM - Audi Werkswagen (Deswegen so wenige KM) - Klimaautomatik - 1.6 Liter - Blau/Metallic Geschichte: Mit attraktivem Design, dynamischen Fahreigenschaften und hohem Qualitätsniveau ragt der im Juni 1996 vorgestellte Audi A3 deutlich aus dem Segment der Kompaktklasse heraus. Zunächst nur als Dreitürer angeboten, erfährt die Modellpalette mit der Einführung des fünftürigen Audi A3 eine attraktive Erweiterung. Durch die erhöhte Funktionalität und Variabilität sollten besonders Frauen und junge Familien angesprochen werden.


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1996 Audi A3 Review
Nicky Fox gives us a review of the 1996 model Audi A3 1.8 litre Sports, testing it's performance and handling, as well as seeing how practical it is.

1997 Audi A3 1.8T $1 NO RESERVE!!! $Cash4Cars$Cash4Cars$ ** SOLD **
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Audi a3 1.8t vs honda civic

Euro NCAP | Audi A3 | 1998 | Crash test
http://www.euroncap.com/tests/audi_a3_1998/30.aspx Frontal Impact takes place at 64 Km/h, 40% of the width of the car striking a deformable barrier. In the side impact, a mobile deformable barrier impacts the driver's door at 50 km/h. In the pole test, the car tested is propelled sideways at 29km/h into a rigid pole.

wyciąganie Audi A3 1,9 TDI " Lady " VS Opel Astra GTC 1,9 CDTI " Gaga " Jabłonka Orawka Zima 2011

2002 Audi A3 1.8 T QUATTRO 4x4 SPORT Full Review,Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour
For more in depth reviews check my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/avtomobil... Filmed by: Tomaž Kožar Jesenice Whenever a car manufacturer launches a new car it is worth taking a look at the outgoing model because cars at the end of their production life are often the best built. A new generation of Audi A3 was launched last summer, so now is a good time to snap up a used Mk 1 bargain. The original A3 was launched in September 1996 and was positioned as an upmarket alternative to the VW Golf. Despite sharing many of the Golf's components, the A3 justified its higher price with superior build quality. Even today the earliest cars fetch close to £5,000 and are usually still in excellent shape. Initially only available with three doors and petrol engines, the A3 soon had diesels added to its range, and a five-door version was introduced in August 1999. All the petrol engines are reliable and capable of high mileage. The cheapest are the 101bhp 1.6 and the 125bhp 1.8; the 1.6 works hard if the car is loaded, so the bigger engine is far more desirable. The addition of a turbocharger to the 1.8 litre in the T Sport model Boosted power to 150bhp. The extra power and torque make this the most sought-after petrol A3, but beware of used examples that have had a performance upgrade "chip". The extra performance is often gained at cost to engine and turbo life. More powerful is the A3 T Sport quattro with four-wheel drive and 180bhp. The additional power compensates for the weight of the quattro system, so it's scarcely quicker, and you pay a penalty at the petrol pumps. For ultimate performance there's the S3. Again with quattro and the 1.8 litre engine, this 210bhp model can reach 151mph and hit 62mph in 6.6sec. A tribute to the car's desirability is that early-1999 examples still fetch around half the original new price, so expect to pay £12,500 for a decent example. If fuel economy is important, diesels are the obvious choice. Despite there being only one engine size, there are four power outputs, and the 1.9 litre unit is frugal and refined. Audi has used different injection set-ups to achieve 90bhp, 100bhp, 110bhp and 130bhp — all versions capable of more than 40mpg. Cars built before July 2001 have either 90bhp or 110bhp units, and the more powerful engine adds about £500 to the value — money well spent. In July 2001 Audi increased the power of both units to 100bhp and 130bhp respectively. Again buyers will find a £500 differential exists on used examples, and again it's worth paying the extra. The 130bhp version is a stormer. The A3 comes in three trim levels: unbadged base model, SE and Sport. All have alloys, alarm, antilock braking and front airbags. The SE gains climate control, a front armrest and a useful split folding rear seat. Sport models are distinguished by larger alloys, lowered suspension, sport front seats and a sunroof in the place of climate control. With the new Audi A3 now in the showrooms dealers are bound to be handling more of the old versions in part exchange, so now could be the ideal time to pick up a great deal. VITAL STATISTICS Model: Audi A3 1.8T Sport Engine: Four-cylinder, 1781cc Power: 150bhp Transmission: Five-speed manual Fuel: 36.2mpg (combined) Acceleration: 0 to 62mph: 8.2sec Top speed: 135mph Climate Control: A desirable option, standard on SE models turbo: Check for smoke from Exhaust under hard acceleration - a sign of turbo wear Quattro: Expect to pay £1,200 extra for quattro (4x4) models. The system also increases tyre wear and fuel consumption Water pump: Prone to failure on early 1.8 litre models Facelift: Post-September 2000 cars have revised bumpers and headlights ESP: Electronic Stability Program standard on facelifted cars Alloy wheels: Standard on all models, Sport derivatives get larger rims and lowered suspension Rear seat: Folding seat standard but split/fold seat not fitted on base models Door lock: Cars built after July 1998 can be distinguished easily by the deletion of the passenger-side door lock Security: Central locking, engine immobiliser and alarm system standard, but check the deadlocks work properly Safety: Four-star Euro NCAP rating on post-August 1997 cars when side airbags became standard Bodywork: Galvanised body must be repaired using genuine Audi-approved panels THE ONE TO BUY Audi A3 1.8T Sport 3dr, manual, 2000 X-reg with 40,000 miles. Pay £10,395 at a dealer with a 12-month warranty, or £9,500 privately

Audi A3 1.6 '97 top speed
Audi A3 rozpędzona do granic jej możliwości

Audi A3 8L 1998 Cold start
First cold start of winter 2012 audi A3 1,6 8L 1998

Audi A3 1.8 de ano 1998
carro da hora, esse bichão turbinado e com um som da hora ninguém segura faxebook: http://www.facebook.com/matheus.alvesmonteiro twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/mmonteiro99

tuning Audi A3

Audi A3 1.6 Schiebedach Scheckheft lückenlos !
Daten: 150.000 km, Hubraum: 1595, 75 kW (102 PS) , Anzahl der Fahrzeughalter: 3, Benzin, Getriebe: Schaltgetriebe, Anzahl Sitzplätze: 5, Schadstoffklasse: Euro4, Umweltplakette: 4 (Grün), Erstzulassung: 11/2001, Farbe: Silber metallic Ausstattung: ABS, El. Fensterheber, El. Wegfahrsperre, ESP, Garantie, Leichtmetallfelgen, Scheckheftgepflegt, Schiebedach, Servolenkung, Zentralverriegelung Fahrzeugbeschreibung: * Scheckheft lückenlos * Schiebehebedach elektrisch * Nebelscheinwerfer * Leichtmetallräder * Kopfstützen hinten * Sitzhöhenverstellung * Lenksäule verstellbar * Zentralverrigelung mit FB * CD Stereoanlage * 4x elektrische Fensterheber * elektrische Spiegel * Anti Blockier System * Stabilitätskontrolle * Servolenkung * Metalliclackierung Preis: 5.290 EUR Kraftstoffverbr. Kraftstoffverbr. kombiniert: Info ca. 6,8 l/100km Kraftstoffverbr. innerorts: ca. 9,6 l/100km Kraftstoffverbr. außerorts: ca. 5,3 l/100km CO2-Emissionen kombiniert: ca. 163 g/km Günstige Finanzierung auch ohne Anzahlung möglich, Inzahlungnahme auch mit Kreditablöse Ihres jetzigen Kfz, Fragen Sie uns und wir beraten Sie gern, Irrtümer und Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten. Wir sind Mitglied im Bundesverband freier Kfz-Händler seit 2001, fragen Sie nach Ihrem individuellen Angebot! Ein Jahr Gewährleistung inklusive, Garantie gegen separate Berechnung möglich! Fahrzeugnummer (für Kundenanfragen) 147 Kontakt: eMail: AutomobileNR@mobile.de NR Automobile, Gerlachstrasse 10, DE-14480 Potsdam Telefon: +49 (0)331 615352, Fax: +49 (0)331 615326, Mobiltelefon: +49 (0)163 6363161 Der Käufer kann aus größerer Entfernung eine schnelle Entscheidung treffen. Gefällt mir das Fahrzeugangebot, oder suche ich weiter? Zuguterletzt, teilen Sie dem Verkäufer doch bitte mit, dass Sie dieses Video überzeugt hat, sich den Wagen anzuschauen. Das ist wichtig für den Videonator ;-)

AUDI A3 8L.wmv
a3 8l

Audi R8 X Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R X Suzuki GSXR1000
Filmed in 2011 - Brazilian Road AUDI R8 V10 - Tuned with ECU, TCU, Exhaust and Filter - 600 HP SUZUKI GSXR1000 (SRAD) 2009 - 185 HP KAWASAKI NINJA ZX 10R 2008 - 188 HP

AUDI A3 (220HP) vs. BMW X (5.0i)
Košťany nad turcom, zraz tuning, 10.4.2010

Audi A3 1998
audi A3 1,6 8L 1998

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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